Cross Program Topic RNA@DKFZ

Cross Program Topic RNA@DKFZ

RNA has recently been recognized as an important player in cancer beyond its protein-coding function. Hence, many researchers within the DKFZ are now elucidating the expression, regulation, function and mechanism of short and long non-protein-coding RNAs in different tumor entities.
The RNA@DKFZ initiative brings together these DKFZ scientists interested in the regulation and function of different classes of RNA. Foremost, the researchers within this initiative focus on three research topics:

  • microRNA expression, regulation & function in cancer
  • Long non-coding RNA: RNA with structural or regulatory functions
  • Mechanisms regulating RNA biogenesis, processing, activity or stability

Our principal aims are:

  • Fostering intramural cooperations - especially beyond the borders of the research programs
  • Exchanging ideas, methodologies, reagents and expertise among different DKFZ units
  • Enhancing international visibility for RNA research at the DKFZ
  • Establishing a critical mass of RNA research at the DKFZ for future network grant applications


Prof. Dr. Sven Diederichs (B150)

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