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Head of Division

Prof. Dr. Peter Lichter


+49.6221.42 4619

Team Leader and Deputy Head of Dept.

Dr. Bernhard Radlwimmer


+49.6221.42 4580


Jasmin Müller


+49.6221.42 4619

Team Leaders

Dr. Martina Seiffert


+49.6221.42 4586

Dr. Marc Zapatka


+49.6221.42 4584

Project Coordinators

Dr. Viktoria Brendel (B069)


+49.6221.42 4579

Dr. Verena Thewes (G875)

Phone 1:

+49 6221 42 4593

Phone 2:

+49 6221 56 34982

Dr. Ursula Weber


+49.6221.42 4620


Dr. Fangyoumin Feng


+49 6221 42 4584

Dr. Mohan Krishna Gopisetty


+49 6221 42 4674

Dr. Chen Hong


+49.6221.42 4674

Dr. Lena Jassowicz


+49 6221 42 4674

Dr. Philipp Rößner


+49.6221.42 4674

PhD Students

Hannah Briesch


+49.6221.42 4674

Covadonga Castellanos Gonzalez


+49.6221.42 4674

Alessia Floerchinger


+49 6221 42 4674

Mariana Coelho Mendes Martines


+49.6221.42 4674

Ka Hou Man

Phone 3:

+49.6221.42 4613

Michaela Pešová

Michaela Pešová


+49.6221.42 4674

Liesa-Marie Pilger


+49.6221.42 4674



+49.6221.42 4674

Julia Hartmann

Julia Hartmann


+49.6221.42 4674


Gizem Altun


+49.6221.42 4674

Yuliia Borysovych

Yuliia Borysovych


+49.6221.42 4674

Technical Staff

Sibylle Ohl


+49.6221.42 4587

IT Administration

Michael Hain

Michael Hain
Certified IT Business Manager


+49.6221.42 4582


Dr. Christian Aichmüller

Dr. Lavinia Arseni

Dr. Josephine Bageritz

Dr. Hsing Chen Bai

Dr. Jörg Balss

Dr. Sebastian Barbus

Dr. Katja Beck (B069)

Jelena Belic

Dr. Anna Bertoni

Dr. Marie Bordas

Pavle Boskovic

Hannah Briesch

Dr. Verena Bugner

Dr. Andreas Danner

Dr. Nicolas Delhomme

Celia Dobano Lopez

Dr. Claudia Dürr

Cansu Eris

Dr. Michael Fletcher

Dr. Liliana Francois Martin del Campo

Moheb Ghobrial

Dr. Marco Giordano

Ramy Girgis

Daniela Goldnik

Dr. Jan Gronych

Dr. Daniel Haag

Dr. Franziska Haderk

Dr. Mario Hlevnjak

Dr. Bola Hanna

Dr. Stefanie Heck

Dr. Irene Helbring

Dr. Lena Herbst

Prof. Dr. Harald Herrmann-Lerdon

Dr. Volker Hovestadt

Dr. Zhiqin Huang

Verena Kalter

Dr. Murat Iskar

Ivna Ivankovic

Ruparoshni Jayabalan

Anne Jenseit

Adriana Jou

Jeannette Kappenberger

Andreas Kienzle

Michaela Kirchgaessner

Dr. Janna Kirchhof

Dr. Philipp Kirstahler

Dr. Niclas Kneisel

Dr. Ebru Kurtulmus Aydin

Laura Llao Cid

Jasmin Mangei

Dr. Jan Meier

Dr. Alexandra Ouertani

Dr. Selcen Öztürk

Teresa Pankert

Yashna Paul

Yuan Peng

Karin Pfleger

Dr. Simone Picelli

Dr. Agata Rode (former Olszak)

PD. Dr. Michael A. Rogers

Fabian Rosing

Björn Rumpel

Dr. Martje Tönjes

Lopamudra Sadhu

Magdalena Schlotter

Theresa Schmid

Dr. Kathrin Schramm

Petra Schroeter

Dr. Ralph Schulz

Dr. Markus Schulze

Dr. Ibrahim Murathan Sektioglu

Dr. Andrius Serva

Dr. Lidia Silva

Daniela Sohn

Britta Statz

Achim Stephan

Rajitha Tadakamadla

Dr. Wei Wang

Sebastian Weingart

Dr. Karolin Willmund (former Dorn) (B069)

Paul Windisch

Dr. Yonghe Wu

Dr. Haniyeh Yazdanparast

Dr. Marc Zuckermann

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