News: RNA Biology & Cancer

07.04.2021 - Good news "migrates"...

Good news from "Molecular Oncology":
Today, our study on novel factors in lung cancer cell migration using the "MigExpress" approach has been accepted for publication.
Congratulations and many thanks to everyone who contributed - especially to the first authors Jagriti and Andrea!

31.12.2020 - 5 x 1000

At the end of this year, we are happy to learn that the Web of Science now lists five of our publications with more than 1000 citations: our discovery of the important functional role of the long non-coding RNA MALAT in lung cancer metastasis has now also reached this level. 

We would like to thank all our fellow researchers for their interest and acknowledging our work by frequently citing us.

Also, all our publications have been again cited far more than 1000 times in the year 2020 for the sixth year in a row.

Here are the five most frequently cited front runners with more than 1000 citations each:

T Gutschner, M Hämmerle, M Eißmann, J Hsu, Y Kim, G Hung, AS Revenko, G Arun, M Stentrup, M Groß, M Zörnig, AR MacLeod, DL Spector, S Diederichs: "The non-coding RNA MALAT1 is a critical regulator of the metastasis phenotype of lung cancer cells"
Cancer Research (2013) 73: 1180-1189

P Ji*, S Diederichs*, W Wang, S Böing, R Metzger, PM Schneider, N Tidow, B Brandt, H Buerger, E Bulk, M Thomas, WE Berdel, H Serve, C Müller-Tidow: "MALAT-1, a novel non-coding RNA, and Thymosin b4 predict Metastasis and Survival in early-stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer"
Oncogene (2003) 22: 8031-804

J Winter*, S Jung*, S Keller, RI Gregory, S Diederichs: "Many roads to maturity: microRNA biogenesis pathways and their regulation"
Nature Cell Biology (2009) 11: 228-234

T Gutschner, S Diederichs
: "The Hallmarks of Cancer: A long non-coding RNA point of view"
RNA Biology (2012) 9: 703-719

S Maheswaran*, LV Sequist*, S Nagrath*, L Ulkus, B Brannigan, C Collura, E Inserra, S Diederichs, AJ Iafrate, DW Bell, S Digumarthy, A Muzikansky, D Irimia, J Settleman, RG Tompkins, TJ Lynch, M Toner, DA Haber: "Detecting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations in Circulating Tumor Cells from Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer"
New England Journal of Medicine (2008) 359: 366-377

24.12.2020 - Happy holidays

Dear friends and colleagues:

We would like to wish you all happy holidays and all the best for the new year 2021.

While we all faced challenges during the corona pandemic this year and certainly all hope for a better year in 2021, we are also happy and a little proud to report, that we had scientifically a very productive and fruitful year of 2020 with high-rankling publications, lots of exciting new data and a patent application filed - so, we would like to thank everyone who supported us and contributed to our research.

18.12.2020 - Farewell & Welcome

After more than nine years, we have to very sadly say good-bye to Matthias - and thank him for his excellent work and important contributions to our research over all these years.
At the same time, we are happy to welcome two new lab members in December and January: Avi & Simona. We wish you all the best for your start in our lab and a productive, fruitful and enjoyable time in our group.

17.10.2020 - Accepted

Nucleic Acids Research has accepted our manuscript on the RBP2GO database today for the next database issue in 2021.
Congratulations to Maiwen, Elsa & Ralf for creating this great resourse... have a look and find out a ot about RNA-binding proteins, their properties, their identification in more than a 100 datasets from 13 different species as well as their association with molecular mechanisms, biological processes and cellular components.

12.10.2020 - Two in one day ... Accepted

Two papers accepted in one day:

Congratulations to Yanhong for his manuscript on the new database circ2GO linking circular RNA expression, gene ontology and microRNA binding sites, which has been accepted for publication in Cancers today.
Perfect timing - since we need to say farewell to Yanhong next week.

More good news come from our collaboration partner Kannanganattu Prasanth from Illinois: the paper on the long non-coding RNA SUNO1 and its role in cell cycle progression has been accepted today by eLIFE. Congratulations, as well!

27.07.2020 - Publication in Nature Cell Biology

And here it is:

Today, Nature Cell Biology has published our study on nonstop extension mutations in human cancer and their exemplary effect on the tumor suppressor gene SMAD4, where nonstop extensions found in pancreatic and colon cancer patients lead to the complete loss of the protein due to proteasomal degradation via a degron in the C-terminal extension of mutated protein.

With this publication, our series of publications has reached another peak - with five publications in renown journals within the last 13 months:

S Dhamija*, CM Yang*, J Seiler, K Myacheva, M Caudron-Herger, A Wieland, M Abdelkarim, Y Sharma, M Riester, M Groß, J Maurer, S Diederichs: "A Pan-Cancer Analysis reveals Nonstop Extension Mutations causing SMAD4 Tumor Suppressor Degradation"
Nature Cell Biology (2020) epub

M Gandhi, M Groß, JM Holler, SA Coggins, N Patil, JH Leupold, M Munschauer, M Schenone, CR Hartigan, H Allgayer, B Kim, S Diederichs: "The lncRNA lincNMR regulates nucleotide metabolism via a YBX1 - RRM2 axis in cancer"
Nature Communications (2020) 11: 3214

M Caudron-Herger, E Wassmer, I Nasa, AS Schultz, J Seiler, AN Kettenbach, S Diederichs: "Identification, quantification and bioinformatic analysis of RNA-dependent proteins by RNase treatment and density gradient ultracentrifugation using R-DeeP"
Nature Protocols (2020) 15: 1338-1370

Y Sharma*,
M Miladi*, S Dukare*, K Boulay*, M Caudron-Herger, M Groß, R Backofen, S Diederichs: "A pan-cancer analysis of synonymous mutations"
Nature Communications (2019) 10: 2569

M Caudron-Herger
, SF Rusin, ME Adamo, J Seiler, V Schmid, E Barreau, AN Kettenbach, S Diederichs: "R-DeeP: Proteome-wide and Quantitative Identification of RNA-dependent Proteins by Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation"
Molecular Cell (2019) 75: 184-199

26.06.2020 - Accepted !!!!!

Finally, a two year journey comes to a fruitful end:

Today, our manuscript on nonstop mutations in cancer has been accepted for publication in Nature Cell Biology.

We are thrilled and relieved and congratulate all participants and authors on the study lead by Sonam Dhamija... with special recognition going to Jeanette for the last strenous rounds of revisions.

05.06.2020 - Accepted

Again, good news - and a paper celebration via videoconferencing:

Nature Communications has accepted our study on a novel lncRNA called lincNMR, which regulates nucleotide metabolism via its interaction with YBX1 and regulating essential factors for dNTP synthesis like RRM2, TK1 or TYMS.

Congratulations to Minakshi - and all the best for her postdoc in the USA.


Additionally, also our collaboration partners could report the acceptance of two original articles in Nucleic Acids Research on the MutaRNA tool for RNA structure prediction of single nucleotide mutations and in Cancers on the role of MALAT1 in amoeboid migration.

23.04.2020 - Accepted

Our manuscript on the landscape of circular RNAs in lung adenocarcinoma has been accepted today for publication in Cancers.

Congratulations to the entire circRNA in lung cancer team - especially to the three shared first authors Nele, Yanhong and Anne!

08.03.2020 - Award for R-DeeP

Another great honor for our lab - and especially for Dr. Maiwen Caudron-Herger, the first author of the R-DeeP paper published in Molecular Cell in 2019:

Out of 413 applications, Maiwen and the R-DeeP paper have been selected for the

2020 SCBT Investigator Award

This award is given out only once per year based on scientific significance, scientific impact, experiment design and publication quality - so we feel truly honored that our paper was selected and congratulate Maiwen wholeheartedly!

Further projects in our lab successfully pursue our novel concept of RNA dependence. We find and characterize the impact of RNA in unexpected processes in the cell. If you are interested in the method, please also consult our recent detailed protocol published in Nature Protocols.

24.02.2020 - R-DeeP online

Today, our Nature Protocol for the R-DeeP approach to study RNA-dependent proteins has finally appeared online which should enable researchers around the world to successfully use this method and analyze the data obtained:

Nature Protocols - R-DeeP

08.12.2019 - Funded

Excellent news for our project on RNA-dependent functions in the cancer cell:

Today, we received a positive funding decision from the German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) !

PhD student applications interested in the molecular analysis of RNA-dependent proteins in cancer are welcome.

29.10.2019 - Accepted

Good news from Nature Protocols today: we are happy that we can share our detailed R-DeeP protocol for the identification of RNA-dependent proteins including the experimental approach as well as the bioinformatic analysis with the scientific community!

Thanks to Maiwen and everyone who has contributed to this publication!

28.08.2019 - Dr. Gandhi

Congratulations to Minakshi, who successfully defended her PhD today !

11.07.2019 - R-DeeP printed in Molecular Cell

09.07.2019 - Accepted

Our collaboration partner Manfred Jung from Freiburg sends good news: our cooperative manuscript on a novel Jumonji inhibitor has just been accepted for publication in ACS Chemical Biology. Congratulations !

28.06.2019 - NAR Highly Cited Articles

To celebrate its new impact factor, Nucleic Acids Research has compiled a list of its highly cited articles of the last years ... and we are delighted to be on it!

16.05.2019 - Accepted

Again - excellent news:

Our manuscript on synonymous mutations in cancer has just been accepted for publication in Nature Communications !

Thanks to all contributors to this study - both, from our lab as well as from the Backofen lab in Freiburg.

Please check out the associated database SynMICdb to find and characterize synonymous mutations in a pan-cancer panel.

07.05.2019 - Molecular Cell online

And here it is: the R-DeeP paper was pblished online today by Molecular Cell... have a look!

16.04.2019 - ... like ice in the sunshine

We like ice in the sunshine, so we all go for icecream today - also to celebrate our recent R-DeeP paper - so you can find us later on the Neckarwiese...

11.04.2019 - Accepted

And here is a big one:

Our manuscript on RNA Dependence has just been accepted for publication in Molecular Cell !

We are very happy and look forward to pursuing this new concept of RNA-dependent protein complexes further in the near future - job advertisements will be coming up...

CONGRATULATIONS first and foremost to Maiwen, who drives this project successfully, but also to all other contributors to the R-DeeP project in our lab as well as our collaboration partner in Dartmouth, Arminja Kettenbach, and her team.

You can already use our database to look for your favorite protein and its RNA Dependence in the R-DeeP database. This also mprovides a comprehensive resource for studies of RNA-binding proteins compiling results from 19 studies in one user-friendly spot.

Stay tuned - there will hopefully be more soon...

29.03.2019 - Farewell

B150 - and good friends from the past years - go Bowling !
But the occasion is a sad one: We are saying good-bye to Sandeep. Three years come to an end - but there is a silver lining on the horizon: we just submitted the second revision of his paper to Nature Communications and hope that we can altogether celebrate its acceptance soon...!
Farewell !

04.03.2019 - Accepted

News from Copenhagen: together with our collaboration partner Anders Lund, we just published a study about lncRNAs linked to autophagy in Oncogene - congratulations to Anders and his team.

24.12.2018 - Happy holidays

Happy holidays and all the best wishes for the new year - to everyone interested in and contributing to and generously supporting our research to understand the RNA biology of cancer cells.

17.12.2018 - Accepted

Sonam's study about the role of the lncRNA linc00261 and its neighboring gene FOXA2 in lung cancer development and metastasis as well as in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and lung cancer cell migration has been accepted in the new pertinent journal in our field: Non-coding RNA. Congratulations !

10.12.2018 - Christmas Outing

Today, we will leave the lab in the afternoon for our Christmas Lab Outing - a walk to the old town, coffee & cake and an extended visit to the Heidelberg Christmas Market.

17.11.2018 - Accepted

The end of a long journey: Anna's manuscript on the role of linc00673 in lung cancer cell senescence has been accepted today at RNA Biology - congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed over the years.

01.11.2018 - Microprotein CASIMO1 in Breast Cancer ... quite some attention

Just three months ago, we published our study on the functional role of the microprotein CASIMO1 in breast cancer (Oncogene 2018). Within this short period, the article has already received a lot of attention ranking in th 96th percentile of similarly aged publications:

Moreover, a figure from the CASIMO1 paper has been selected as "Picture of the Week" by Bild der Wissenschaft:

15.10.2018 - Accepted

Today, our review article on RNA motifs has been accepted for publication in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

19. - 21.09.2018 - Retreat in the Black Forest

These days, you will find us hiking and discussing science in Altglashütten in the Black Forest ... and really enjoying the weather on our joint retreat of the Heidelberg and the Freiburg labs.

17.09.2018 - 1000th citation of MALAT1

And our paper on the initial discovery of MALAT1 (Oncogene 2003) has reached another milestone in the Web of Science: 1000 citations !
Thank you to everyone who acknowledges our research in this way.

12.09.2018 - Publon Awards for Peer Review

Again, Sven has been recognized by Publons for his efforts in peer reviewing with awards in the categories as a top reviewer in "General Science" (worldwide #8), "Biology & Biochemistry" (#29) and "Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology" (#30). 

03.09.2018 - PhD Marcel

And another successful PhD defense from our lab: today, we are celebrating Marcel's successful PhD with highest honors and an exciting paper in Hepatology.

31.07.2018 - MALAT1 - the first ncRNA in the Cancer Gene Census

MALAT1 - the long non-coding RNA, which we first discovered and named as a marker associated with lung cancer metastasis (Oncogene 2003) and later characterized as an essential factor in lung cancer metastasis (Cancer Res 2013) - has now been listed as a proven cancer gene in the Cancer Gene Census. It is hence the first non-coding RNA which reached this status!

Further reading on MALAT1 and ncRNAs in metastasis:
Onogene 2003, Genome Res 2011, RNA Biol 2012, Cancer Res 2013, J Mol Med 2013, Int J Cancer 2016

19.07.2018 - Accepted

Good news from our collaboration partner Kannanganattu Prasanth at the University of Illinois: our first joint manuscript on the role of long non-coding RNAs in cell cycle regulation has just been accepted at Nucleic Acids Research (new IF: 12). Congratulations and thank you for including us in this productive collaboration!

P.S.: Now, this is the fifth original article with an impact factor above 10 this year for our lab ... and we are just in July... and although our scientifically most impactful paper this year so far (from our perspective) did not even make it into this category, but is certainly worth reading ... 

14.05.2018 - Accepted

Today, Marcel's paper entitled "The lncRNA CASC9 and RNA binding protein HNRNPL form a complex and co-regulate genes linked to AKT signaling" has been accepted for publication in Hepatology.

Congratulations - and what a great way to get your data published before submitting your PhD thesis!
We will all celebrate next week another 13 impact points for our lab... and more to come as the very positive presubmission inquiries in the last weeks let us hope for.

13.04.2018 - Celebrating CASIMO1

Friday 13th - a good day for us ! We celebrate Maria's paper in the evening and get back excellent reviews on Marcel's paper as well as good but challenging reviews on our synonymous mutation project.

02.04.2018 - Accepted

Happy news for happy Easter:

Today, our manuscript entitled "The cancer-associated microprotein CASIMO1 controls cell proliferation and interacts with squalene epoxidase modulating lipid droplet formation" has been accepted for publication in Oncogene. Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone who participated in this study and especially to Maria for her great dedication and perseverance throughout this project and to Matthias for driving the revision home! It has been a really long journey starting about nine years ago with a process of multiple submissions and revisions spanning about two years.

In this study, we describe the first microprotein derived from a putative lncRNA in cancer. We call it CASIMO1, identified it in breast cancer and characterize its cellular and molecular functions as well as interaction partners in detail.
You may wonder why this has not been published earlier and in a higher impact journal - well, we have been wondering about the same over the last years. But hence now, it is even more important, that many of you interested in our research have a look at it and judge for yourself... and if you like it: cite it frequently whenever you are looking at small ORFs in putative lncRNAs.
After all, our initial discovery of MALAT1 had also "only" been published in Oncogene and has now been cited 911 times according to the Web of Science.

21.03.2018 - Accepted

And another one: our collaboration partners Sonia Forcales and Manuel Perucho from Barcelona just informed us that our joint manuscript entiled "A novel long non-coding RNA from NBL2 pericentromeric macrosatellite forms a perinucleolar aggregate structure in colon cancer" has just been accepted at Nucleic Acids Research
By the way: this is our tenth publication in NAR (IF 10.2) in the last five years...

26.02.2018 - Accepted

Good news from our collaboration partner Dr. Claudio Mussolino in Freiburg: our joint manuscript on the use of designer epigenome modifiers in clinically relevant human cells has just been accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research. Congratulations !

20.01.2018 - 500 citations for MALAT1

Good news from the Web of Science:

Our publication on the important role of MALAT1 in lung cancer metastasis has now been cited more than 500 times since its publication in Cancer Research in 2013.

It is thus the fifth publication from our lab reaching this milestone.

24.12.2017 - Happy holidays

Merry christmas, happy holidays and all the best wishes for the new year - we would like to thank many colleagues, collaboration partners and supporters of our research and look forward to continuous fruitful research in 2018.

12.12.2017 - Top 0,01%

In these days, when almost everything is rated as "outstanding" and "excellent" and within the "top 10%", it sometimes helps to look at real numbers again:

Almost five years ago, our manuscript on the important role of the lncRNA MALAT1 in lung cancer metastasis has been accepted for publication and was printed in Cancer Research in February 2013. Not even five years after its publication, we are proud to see that it has already been cited 485 times - and we would like to thank our colleagues in the scientific community for this unanimous appreciation of our work.

To put this number into perspective: Out of all 9.010.590 scientific papers published worldwide in the last five years, our paper ranks #857, so at the top 0,0095% ...

11.12.2017 - Funded

Good news from the German Research Foundation (DFG):
Our grant proposal on novel types of mutations in tumor suppressor genes outside of the coding region, which is run in our lab in Freiburg lab, will be funded for the next three years.

28.11.2017 - Triple Christmas Outing

This year, our lab Christmas outing is tripartite: first, we all play Badminton together - then, we enjoy some Glühwein at the Heidelberg Christmas market - and lastly, we look forward to a nice dinner at the Kulturbrauerei.

At the same time, we sadly say good-bye and farewell to Vera Schmid, who has just finished her MSc thesis in our lab very successfully and submitted it to her "home faculty" at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

08.11.2017 - Visibility & Impact

The scientific community values our contributions as expressed in citing of our work: in the first ten months of this year alone, all our publications together have been cited more than 1000 times. We are very happy about the visibility and the impact that our scientific articles apparently reach.

14.10.2017 - Award

Big day for Minakshi: not only that she had a lot of interest and traffic at her poster last night, she has also won one of the "Best Poster Awards" at the meeting “The Biology of RNA-Protein Complexes" of the SFB 960 in Regensburg - Congratulations !!!

02. - 04.10.2017 - Retreat

The two Diederichs divisions from Heidelberg and Freiburg are going on their annual joint retreat!

So, do not wonder if the labs are empty these days - we are in Bad Herrenalb in the Black Forest and make big plans for the next exciting science.

04.10.2017 - Accepted

Three in a row ... original research articles these are:

Today, Ashish's manuscript on the inverse but independent regulation of pairs of sense mRNAs and their antisense lncRNAs during the DNA damage response got accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research! Congratulations - thereby, one of the studies going on for the longest time in our lab has found "a good home". Thanks to the many who made valuable contributions over the years...

For all those interested in statistics:

This is now the tenth publication from our lab this year and the fifth one with an impact factor above 10. So, 2017 is a productive year for us - and stay tuned: there is much more to come.

02.10.2017 - Accepted

Good news from our collaboration partners in Copenhagen: our joint manuscript on the method of fluorescent in situ hybridization for long non-coding RNAs got accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research!

21.09.2017 - Accepted

Congratulations to Isabelle from our Freiburg lab, who got her clinical study on prognostic factors in lung metastasectomy for patients suffering from thyroid cancer accepted today in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.

15.09.2017 - Travel Award

Congratulations to Minakshi - she has received a 500 € Travel Award for her abstract and participation in the SFB 960 Meeting: The Biology of RNA-Protein Complexes in Regensburg from 11.-14.10.2017 !

12.09.2017 - Publons Peer Review Award

Today, Sven has been informed that he is one of the recipients of the Publons Peer Review Awards in 2017. As all scientists know, peer review is one of the essential parts of quality controls in science - requiring a lot of responsibility and foremost: a lot of time and dedication. In the area of "General Science", Sven was ranked #8 worldwide and #1 in Germany in the Publons Peer Review Awards in 2017.

24.08.2017 - Accepted

Good news in the middle of summer: today, our manuscript on mutations in the mitochondrial genomes in cancer has been accpted for publication in RNA Biology.

31.07.2017 - Accepted

Our collaboration partners from the division of Peter Lichter have good news: The joint article entitled "Tumor-derived exosomes modulate PD-L1 expression in monocytes" was accepted and published today in Science Immunology.

11.07.2017 - Lab Outing

Today, we all went into the scenic Odenwald closeby... driving with the Solar-Draisine with sun and muscle power from Mörlenbach to Waldmichelbach and back - and enjoying the speed of the summer alpine slide in between as well as a nice dinner afterwards. A very nice day - thanks to the organizers - with just bad timing and heavy rain on our short walk...

07.07.2017 - Poster Prize

Minakshi received a poster prize from DKFZ PhD Retreat 2017 for her poster "The tumor induced lincRNA SINCR1 controls cell proliferation and induces senessence in liver cancer cells" - Congratulations!

05.05.2017 - Dr. Goyal

Today, Ashish successfully defended his PhD thesis on the role of lncRNAs in DNA damage and the use of CRISPRi to knock-down lncRNAs (and all kinds of other genes, as well). Congratulations! Now, we hope that the reviewers of his last manuscript are as favorable as the PhD examiners were fond of his thesis...

01.05.2017 - Welcome

We welcome Dr. Rajeeve Sivadasan as a new postdoc in our division and wish him all the best for his start in the lab.

13.04.2017 - Accepted

Marcel's review on the role of long non-coding RNAs in liver cancer has been accepted today and will soon appear in the Journal of Hepatology: Congratulations!

10.04.2017 - Accepted

And another great day for Linda: Today, her manuscript on the novel role of linc00152 in mitosis has been accepted for publication in Scientific Reports. This is a great example of a really cooperative project, so we would like to thank all partners at the DKFZ, the ZMBH and within the CellNetworks Excellence Cluster.

13.03.2017 - PhD Proliferation

PhDs in our lab are proliferating: Today, we celebrate the PhD of Linda Nötzold, who successfully defended her thesis on long non-coding RNAs in mitosis.

30.01.2017 - Another PhD

Today, Jana Seiler, defended her Phd thesis with success - Congratulations !!!

25.01.17 - Accepted

What a great way to start the new year: after a minor revision, Jana's paper on the new lncRNA VELUCT and its role in lung cancer cell viability has been accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed to this study.

24.12.2016 - Happy holidays

Merry christmas and a happy new year - we would like to thank many wonderful collaboration partners and supporters of our research and look forward to continuous fruitful research in the new year.

16.12.2016 - 1000 Citations

Our review article on microRNA Biogenesis in Nature Cell Biology has reached 1000 citations in Web of Science! Also, our review on long non-coding RNAs in cancer published in RNA Biology has already been cited 400 times. Thanks to everyone who acknowledged our work by citing it.

Also our original research has reached several milestones with 650 citations for the discovery of MALAT1 (Oncogene) and more than 300 citations or its functional characterization (Cancer Research) as well as the discovery of Argonaute protein functions in microRNA biogenesis and regulation (Cell).

01.12.2016 - Welcome

Dr. Sandeep Dukare starts his postdoctoral fellowship in our division today - welcome! He will join our efforts in the regulation of translation in cancer cells funded by the NCT 3.0 Basic Science Grant.

28.11.2016 - Lab Outing

An early celebration of the upcoming holidays - we are on our lab outing today...

21.11.2016 - RNA@DKFZ

Today, another meeting of the Cross Program Topic RNA@DKFZ takes place - see you in K1/K2 at 13:00...

12.10.2016 - Accepted

Good news from Barcelona: our joint manuscript with Manel Esteller's group has been accepted for publication in PNAS. Congratulations!

23.09.2016 - Accepted

Today, our manuscript on the use of CRISPR-based technologies for non-coding RNAs (as well as any other gene ...) -  the challenges and potential pitfalls as well as the required controls to circumvent these  - has been accepted by Nucleic Acids Research!

Congratulations to Ashish and Ksenia as well as Matthias and Marcel - and many thanks to everyone else who contributed to this quick and successful project.

12.09.2016 - Another PhD

Today, Maria Polycarpou-Schwarz has successfully defended her PhD thesis - Congratulations !!!

27.07.2016 - FEBS Anniversary Prize

And another distinction for our research: The Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) has awarded Sven the FEBS Anniversary Prize 2016 !

29.06.2016 - another PhD

Today, Steffen Link has successfully defended his PhD thesis - Congratulations !!!

05.06.16 - Accepted

Good news from our collaboration partners in Israel, Aldema Sas-Chen and Yosef Yarden: our manuscript on the role of LIMT, a novel lncRNA that inhibits metastasis in breast cancer, got accepted in EMBO Molecular Medicine. Congratulations!

01.05.16 - Mutations in the dark matter of the cancer genome

Right in time for our reunion meeting in Heidelberg, the review article written in the summer academy last year has now appeared in print in EMBO Molecular Medicine. Enjoy reading!

30.04.16 - Found a home at NAR

One of the scientific stories that has been in the lab since our start in Heidelberg has now been accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research! Steffen and Steffi share the first authorship describing the differential subcellular localization of Drosha isoforms generated by alternative splicing. Congratulations!

30.03.16 - New Grant

Good news: Today, we received the recommendation for funding of a new consortium with Aurelio Teleman, Bernd Bukau, Georg Stoecklin, Frank Lyko and Hanno Glimm for our joint project "Dysregulation of Protein Translation in Cancer". We are very happy that this will be funded for four years by the "NCT 3.0 Integrative Projects in Basic Cancer Research" program. We are looking forward to exciting projects in a collaborative consortium.

17.02.16 - What Sven did last summer...

Now, it is for everyone to see what Sven did last summer:

He was leading a group of 22 talented students from all life sciences in a summer academy organized jointly by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation and the Young Academy held at the Moastery of Roggenburg. Within only one week, they searched through more than 2100 scientific publications to distill the first of its kind review article on the topic of "The dark matter of the cancer genome: Aberrations in regulatory elements, untranslated regions, splice sites, non-coding RNA and synonymous mutations". Today, this manuscript has been accepted for publication in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine.


04.02.16 - Sonam's Review accepted

Today, Sonam's review on the role of lncRNAs in migration, invasion and metastasis was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Cancer. Congratulations !

15.01.16 - Welcome

And another welcome: today Jeanette Seiler joined our group as Technical Assistant - welcome Jeanette !

01.01.16 - Welcome

Today, Dr. Maiwen Caudron-Herger, joined our lab as Postdoctoral Fellow - welcome Maiwen !

01.01.16 - Division of Cancer Research, Freiburg

Today, it officially starts: the new Division for Cancer Research in the Clinic of Thoracic Surgery at the University Hospital Freiburg / Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg. Sven will lead this second division as a full and tenured professor in Freiburg in addition to the division of "RNA Biology & Cancer" here at the DKFZ. The main topics in Freiburg will be the molecular mechanisms of lung cancer and metastasis using methods of molecular biology, cell biology and bioinformatics.

Sonam and Ksenia from our Heidelberg lab will join the lab in Freiburg in March 2016 - the brandnew lab building needs to be finished first - Andrea and Chul-Min will directly join in Freiburg in March... but we have additional postions for talented bioinformaticians available, so please apply.

24.12.15 - Happy holidays

Happy holidays and all the best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful new year 2016 ! We would like to use this opportunity to thank all our partners for their fruitful and interesting collaboration projects in the last year and look forward to many more in the next.

14.11.15 - EBV-associated microRNAs in Nucleic Acids Research

Today, a manuscript of our collaboration partners Janina Haar and Henri Delecluse has been accepted for publication in Nucleic Acids Research. In summary, the manuscript shows that the processing of one pre-miRNA hairpin can be depdendent on its neighboring hairpin - found in EBV.

02.11.15 - Welcome

Today, Ksenia Myacheva starts as a new PhD student in our lab. Welcome, Ksenia!

01.09.15 - Welcome

Today, Dr. Sonam Dhamija starts as a new postdoctoral fellow in our lab. She joins us from the Medical University Hannover and is specifically interested in the role of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in tumor metastasis and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT). Welcome!

10.06.15 - It's another PhD !

Today, Anna Roth has successfully defended her PhD thesis on the role of long non-coding RNAs in lung cancer. Congratulations !!! The party is going on on the third floor..

05.06.15 - Long non-coding RNA in Lung Cancer

Just in time for her PhD defense: Anna's review on long non-coding RNAs in lung cancer has just been published in CTMI.

14.05.2015 - New technologies in Nature

Two new technologies for the characterization of lncRNA - protein complexes in vivo have become available: RAP-MS & ChIRP-MS - see the News & Views from Anna and Sven in Nature...

01.04.2015 - Ten over ten in a row

No april fool's joke: On April 1st, our tenth publication in a row with more than ten impact points appears in print. Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to this impressive series since November 2013!

23.03.2015 - RNA@DKFZ Meeting

With 80 participants, the 5th RNA@DKFZ Meeting was a great success again! Thanks to all speakers for the interesting presentations and following discussions!

01.03.2015 - Welcome

Today (actually: tomorrow...), Minakshi Gandhi starts her PhD on the function of long non-coding RNAs in liver cancer as a DAAD scholar in our group - welcome!

01.01.2015 - Division RNA Biology & Cancer

With the new year, our junior research group has been promoted to a full and tenured division (Abteilung) at the German Cancer Research Center entitled "RNA Biology & Cancer". We are happy to also maintain the bridge to the Institute of Pathology at the University Hospital Heidelberg.

29.12.2014 - Award for Jana

Congratulations to Jana who was awarded the Best Poster Award from the Helmholtz International Graduate School for Cancer Research and won a travel stipend worth 500€ !

24.12.2014 - Happy Holidays

Happy holidays and all the best wishes for the new year to all members, friends and partners of our research group !

12.12.2014 - Keystone x 2

Good news from Keystone: Anna has won the Keystone Future of Science Scholarship Award and will join Sven on his trip as an invited speaker to the next Keystone Meeting on Non-coding RNAs in March 2015... Congratulations !

03.12.2014 - Christmas

Christmas... not yet here, but already present: Today, B150 goes to the Christmas Market in Heidelberg and will have dinner afterwards - to celebrate Christmas and a very successful year 2014, but also to sadly say farewell to Silvia, our Italian Master Student, who will flee the cold in Germany now.

22.11.2014 - EMBO

Right on time: One day before Sven's birthday, our collaboration partner Stephan Herzig and his group got our joint paper on the role of miR-379 in lipid homeostasis accepted in the EMBO Journal.

06.11.2014 - Award for Linda

In today's Excellence Cluster CellNetworks EcTop 5 retreat, Linda has won the best presentation award for her talk about the role of long non-coding RNAs in mitosis and migration. Congratulations! Now, she has the difficult decision to make, which meeting she would like to attend and where she would like to travel...

19.09.2014 - DGVS Award

Taking the train from Warsaw to Leipzig - quite an adventure... but Sven has safely arrived to deliver his presentation and to receive the Liver Cancer Research Award 2014 of the German Society of Gastrointestinal Diseases (DGVS) and Bayer HealthCare. Congrats!

17.09.2014 - tRNAs: New tricks from old dogs

Sometimes, long-known molecules can still surprise us with novel functions, such as the regulatory roles of tRNAs. Georg Stoecklin and Sven have written a short Highlight piece on recent discoveries from the tRNA area entitled: "tRNAs - New tricks from old dogs", published in today's issue of the EMBO Journal.

P.S.: This is now publication number 15 on our list of top impact publications with impact factors of ten or above...

13.09.2014 - Pultusk, Poland

Today, Ashish and Sven travel to Pultusk, a village in Poland, where the European Science Foundation (ESF) and EMBO co-host a meeting on "Long Regulatory RNA". The meeting is co-chaired by Andreas Werner from Newcastle University and Sven expecting numerous great speakers with fascinating stories from the RNA world.

23.07.2014 - Yesssss...

Most of you will know what this is about - good news from Heidelberg - and thanks a lot to everyone who contributed over the last years and kept their fingers crossed during the last months !

You will find us in the beer garden on the Heiligenberg tonight...

17.07.2014 - Liver Cancer Research Award

A year without a price ... not at B150!

Today, we have received good news from the German Society of Gastrointestinal Diseases (DGVS) and Bayer HealthCare who jointly award the Liver Cancer Research Award 2014 to Sven. The award - endowed with 10.000 Euros - will be presented at the DGVS Annual Meeting in Leipzig in September 2014.

By the way: This meeting is just after another interesting meeting on "Long Regulatory RNA", which Sven is co-organizing. This meeting sponsored by ESF & EMBO will take place in Pultusk, Poland, from September 13th to 18th. The registration is still open... so have a look and join us in Poland.

07.07.2014 - Munich: EACR & PresseClub

If you would like to learn more about 50 years of research at the DKFZ and about our work on non-coding RNAs, there is a chance at the PresseClub Munich in connection to the EACR Meeting 2014, where Sven has been invited to present our work.

22. - 25.06.2014 - Non-coding RNA Meeting Heidelberg

Poster Non-coding RNA Meeting Heidelberg 2014
© Sven Diederichs

The international meeting on "Non-coding RNA: From Basic Mechanisms to Cancer" takes place in Heidelberg. We would like to thank all the outstanding speakers for sharing their exciting science and making this such a unique meeting bringing together many world leaders in the field in Heidelberg. With all the postive feedback, we are already considering to make this a regular event - maybe, we will all reconvene in Heidelberg in 2016...

Above all, congratulations to Ashish Goyal and Anna Roth who received a Poster Award for their outstanding posters !!! The price for Ashish was sponsored by Nature Structural Molecular Biology and the price for Anna was sponored by RNA Society !

18.06.2014 - Germany 4:0

4:0 days until we meet in Heidelberg, Germany, for the international conference on "Non-coding RNA: From Basic Mechanisms to Cancer", which the Cross Program Topic RNA@DKFZ and the CellNetworks Ectop5 jointly organize.

12.05.2014 - Good news x 2

Today, we can report two pieces of good news:

The German Research Foundation (DFG) generously funds our research on long non-coding RNAs in liver cancer for the next three years - applications for PhD students are welcome !

The journal Nature Communications has accepted our manuscript on RNA-binding proteins post-transcriptionally regulating the important NKG2D-ligand MICB. This is the product of a very fruitful collaboration with Ofer Mandelboim in Jerusalem within the DKFZ-Israel-Cooperation Program.

03.03.2014 - B150 goes ... to the PubQuiz

Welcome and farewell - closely connected for an evening at the Irish Pub... and we did well in the PubQuiz taking home lots of presents ...


Welcome back to Janine Jung, who joins us for her Bachelor thesis at the K.I.T. .


Welcome to Silvia Biscarini, who joins us as a Master Student from the University of Rome Tre.


Welcome to Berta Duran Arqué, who joins us as a Master Student from the University of Amsterdam.

14.01.2014 - Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Cancer

In its current issue, Nature Reviews Cancer presents our recent study on the regulation of IGF2 by miR-483 published in Genes & Development as a Research Highlight!

02.01.2014 - 500

Our microRNA biogenesis review in Nature Cell Biology has passed the 500 citations - thanks to all researchers, who like and cite our science... but also our recent original research articles have attracted attention and together already more than 100 citations.

24.12.2013 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear colleagues and friends, the "Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer" group wishes you all merry christmas and all the best for a happy, healthy and successful new year 2014!

18.12.2013 - B150 Christmas Party

Again, we celebrated our Christmas Party! This year, B150 meets at the Bowling Center and is rewarded after the "sports" with a great dinner.

16.12.2013 - "Der SPIEGEL"

The weekly German news magazine "Der SPIEGEL" highlights recent advances in the field of non-coding RNA research and human diseases - prominently covering also our research at the DKFZ and the Institute of Pathology at the University Hospital Heidelberg. Have a look ...

30.11.2013 - Accepted ... and another one

Just an amazingly productive year: Our tenth original article publication (six as last author) for 2013 has just been accepted !

Congratulations to Tony & Monika and many thanks to our cooperation partners in Heidelberg, Halle (Saale) and Hannover, without whom this project would not have been possible. We are happy to report in Hepatology that the RNA-binding protein IGF2BP1 is an important pro-tumorigenic factor in liver cancer !

07.11.2013 - Invited to Keystone

Great news - our research finds interest: After 2012, Sven is again an invited speaker for the Keystone Meeting on "Long noncoding RNAs: From Evolution to Function". This symposium will take place in Keystone, Colorado, from March 15th - 20th, 2015.

06.11.2013 - RNA@DKFZ Meeting

Thanks to all speakers, poster presenters and participants who made our 4th RNA@DKFZ meeting again a great success with interesting presentations and discussions!

25.10.2013 - Accepted

A successful year continues: Our joint story with Daniel Haber's group from Harvard Medical School on the role of miR-483 regulating IGF2 at the transcriptional level via a nuclear mechanism has been accepted for publication in Genes & Development today ! Congratulations to all authors - especially to Anna from our lab and Mingzhu from Daniel's lab who put in most work into this study.


We welcome Manu Goyal in our team !

09.09.2013 - Accepted x 2

Two papers in two days: 

Julia's manuscript on the role of Argonaute-3 in microRNA strand selection has been accepted for publication in RNA Biology - the happy end of a truly long journey for this story.

In cooperation with Luca Quagliata and Luigi Terracciano in Basel, we found the lncRNA HOTTIP to be deregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and correlated with HOXA13 expression. Both genes were associated with disease progression and predictive markers in HCC as now published in Hepatology.


We welcome our new student intern from the K.I.T., Janine Jung !

02.07.2013 - Sven wins 100.000 Euro

Hella Bühler Preis 2013: Dr. Sven Diederichs, Rektor Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel
© Universität Heidelberg

And the good news just won't stop:

Today, Sven has been awarded the "Hella Bühler Preis 2013" for Cancer Research !

It was a great ceremony - our entire lab was there and enjoyed the big check for the lab handed over by the Chancellor of the University of Heidelberg, Prof. Eitel. We all thank the generous donor for this award. And of course everyone has some ideas how to spend the money, but it will certainly all go into the discovery of long non-coding RNAs in cancer. If you are interested, we could host another graduate student or a postdoc fascinated by this class of molecules that we are devoted to.

Here, you can find some links to the press coverage: DKFZ Press Release, University Press Release, Article in the RNZ, Article in the MM, Releases of the dpa: FFH, MZ.

28.06.2013 - Prize for Maria

Congratulations: Maria got an award at the retreat for the best poster presenting her work on a long non-coding RNA associated with cancer and cell migration !

24.06.2013 - Award for Tony

Congratulations: Tony will be honored with the "Elisabeth Gateff Preis" by the German Society for Genetics (GfG) in Braunschweig on 23.09.2013 for his work on the "Role of the long non-coding RNA MALAT 1 in development and tumorgenesis" !

14.05.2013 - Accepted

Today, our manuscript "Post-transcriptional destabilization of the liver-specific long non-coding RNA HULC by the IGF2 mRNA-binding protein 1 (IGF2BP1)" has been accepted by Hepatology ! Congratulations to the shared first authors Monika and Tony - and thank to our numerous cooperation partners in the Transregio-SFB TRR77.

17.04.2013 - Blogging

Even bloggers like our resarch ... here, you can find a very nice summary of our recent discovery of the role of MALAT1 in lung cancer metastasis. Enjoy reading!

15.04.2013 - Accepted

The paper: "A functional yeast survival screen of tumor-derived cDNA libraries designed to identify anti-apoptotic mammalian oncogenes" of our collaboration partners in Frankfurt has been accepted by PloS ONE !

03.04.2013 - The first grant for Tony and Monika !

Congratulations to Monika and Tony who received a positive funding decision from the University of Heidelberg today ! First application, first grant - well done !

19.03.2013 - Accepted

Our paper "Loop-miRs: Active microRNAs generated from single-stranded loop regions" from Julia is accepted by Nucleic Acids Research !!!

18.03.2013 - "It´s an MD/PhD"

Today, Monika successfully completed her PhD Thesis, which she had done in the lab of Dontscho Kerjaschki at the University of Vienna. She is now a MD/PhD and B150 congratulates !

06.03.2013 - RNA@DKFZ Meeting

Thanks to all speakers, poster presenters and participants who made our 3rd RNA@DKFZ meeting again a great success with interesting presentations and discussions! Now we got new ideas for our research, learned about new methodologies and hopefully form new collaborations!

28.02.2013 - Recommendations

Our article in Cancer Research 2013 (73) 1180-1189: "The noncoding RNA MALAT1 is a critical regulator of the metastasis phenotype of lung cancer cells" has been recommended as being from special significance in its field by Stephen Safe and Gayathri Chadalapaka from the F1000 Faculty!

18.01.2013 - The world takes notice

While Sven is traveling to the Keystone Meeting in Vancouver to present our science there, the AACR has accepted our abstract on MALAT1 for an oral presentation at the annual meeting in Washington in April. If you are interested in our research - come and meet us there !

17.01.2013 - Accepted

And another one: Our cooperation Partner Jens Schwamborn has published our joint study in Nucleic Acids Research today entitled:

"A systemic transcriptome analysis reveals the regulation of neural stem cell maintenance by an E2F1-miRNA feedback loop"

Congratulations !

11.12.2012 - Accepted

A new paper is born: Our manuscript on the important role of MALAT1 in lung cancer metastasis has been accepted today for publication in Cancer Research !!! Together with our cooperation partners in Frankfurt, Cold Spring Harbor and at ISIS Pharmaceuticals, we are very happy and will enjoy the holiday season even more so.

26.11.2012 - Christmas Party...

... at Sven´s place! A nice evening with the whole team, delicious raclette and hot mulled wine!

08.11.2012 - An invitation

Good news... and a trip: Sven has been invited to present our science in a short talk at the next Keystone Meeting on "Noncoding RNAs in Development and Cancer" in Vancouver in January 2013. He has been spotted buying some snowshoes this morning...

24.09.2012 - "It's a PhD", 2nd edition

And again, a great reason for celebrations: Tony Gutschner has been awarded his PhD title today with the highest honors: summa cum laude !

Congratulations, well done !


Today’s issue of Nature presents an entire series of papers on the ENCODE project, the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements, that provides a comprehensive catalog of regulatory DNA elements as well as maps of the transcription landscape of the human genome. Most notably, they validate that at least 75% of the human genome are transcribed and hence the majority of products of the human genome are non-coding RNAs – which are at the center of all of our research projects.

Here, you can find a short interview of Sven with a German newspaper as well as links to three addtional articles about ENCODE in the Tagesspiegel and the Stuttgarter Zeitung. 


Great - publishing papers while being on vacation ! Two manuscrips from our cooperation partners Stefan Eichmüller and Clarissa Gerhäuser have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and the FASEB Journal, respectively. Congratulations !

23. - 25.07.2012 B150 Retreat

Retreat: The entire B150 team went to Bad Herrenalb in the Black Forest !

Lots of science and statistics during the day... but in the evening, we built floats in the Black Forest, went to Bowling and climbed in the trees of Fun Forest - how adventurous !

03.07.2012 - "It's a PhD!"

She has done it !

Our "Miss microRNA" Julia Winter has successfully defended her PhD thesis today - so, B150 has awarded its first PhD ! In less than four years, Julia has been extraordinarily successful in producing three first author original muscripts plus four first author review articles or book chapters - setting a great example for future generations of PhD students.

Now, Julia is on a well-deserved vacation and Sven is a very proud "Doktorvater"...



... not only the number of famous Spartans at the Thermopylae - no, also the number of citations of our review on microRNA biogenesis in Nature Cell Biology in 2009.


Our manuscript describing the MALAT1 knockout mouse as well as the human MALAT1 knockout model was accepted for publication today !


The Special Issue "RNA & Disease" of the journal RNA Biology, that was edited by Sven, is online available. It includes our review on long non-coding RNAs in cancer.


A new era: B150 gets administrative support ! Today, Gesa Durniock-Thierschmann starts as the new coordinator for the successful RNA@DKFZ cross program topic and will help us out with organizational questions, as well. If you need to reach her, you can find her in her office on the third floor of the main building every morning or call her at -4382.


Good news from Berlin: Our grant proposal to the Helmholtz Society for 100.000 Euro additional investment funding will be fully funded.


On her birthday, Julia has submitted her PhD thesis !!! The first graduate student of B150 will be awarded her PhD title soon... This is a true success story with three first author original manuscripts as well as four first author reviews, book chapters and meeting reports in far less than four years.


A long trip: Sven travels through the US to advertise our science for three weeks. He will start as an invited speaker at the Keystone Meeting on non-coding RNAs in Snowbird and end in Boston with a talk at the Genomics Research 2012 meeting - an in between, you will have the chance to catch him in Chicago (AACR), Salt Lake City, Boston, New York and Yale. 


Our new graduate student Ashish Goyal starts today and will investigate the function of non-coding RNAs in the response to DNA damage and chemotherapy: Welcome !


The book "Regulatory RNAs" has been released including our chapter on "Long non-coding RNAs in Cancer" - take a look, you will get a comprehensive overview about the field...


Tomorrow, you can hear Tony's new story about the potential involvement of a liver cancer-associated ncRNA in cell cycle regulation for the first time at the Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists.


ACCEPTED - the best word a scientist can read ! Today, it's Steffi's paper on the discovery of novel processing-deficient splice variants of Drosha in melanoma. It will be published already in the March issue of Neoplasia.


A good week indeed - Sven has been invited to present our science at a Keystone Meeting as well as at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).


The German Society of Cell Biology (DGZ) has awarded Sven the Binder Innovation Prize 2012 !


What a way to start off the new year: Fantastic news again - Tony Gutschner has been awarded a Keystone Future of Science Fund Scholarship for his abstract entitled: "MALAT1 is essential for lung cancer metastasis in a novel human knockout model". Congratulations !


Just crunching some numbers for our annual report: Our review on microRNA biogenesis in Nature Cell Biology is the most frequently cited last author paper of the DKFZ published since 2009 !


The first B150 baby is born: Mika - mother and son are well and happy.


A successful year ends ! 2011 has brought us the first original research publications, scholarships and awards for several lab members, a new grant and - the highlight - the "RNA & Disease"-Meeting in Jena. Now, we are looking forward to a new year 2012 with great prospects: We will hopefully see the first PhDs awarded to B150 members, publish several exciting manuscripts currently in preparation or in revision and look forward to many scientific meetings.

We wish all friends, colleagues and cooperation partners a happy, healthy and successful new year 2012 !


Our collaboration partners from Essen send good news: Our joint manuscript on the regulation of the NKG2D stress ligand ULBP2 by miR-34 has been accepted for publication in Cancer Research.


Fantastic news: Julia Winter has been awarded a Keystone Future of Science Fund Scholarship for her abstract entitled: "Argonaute proteins regulate miRNA stability and the guide-to-passenger strand ratio". Congratulations !


Accepted on the same day and now also printed on the same day: Our most recent publications in Genome Research and in RNA Biology have now been published in print. As well, the meeting report from the DGZ meeting "RNA & Disease" in Jena has been published today in RNA Biology.


Special Issue on RNA & Disease

The journal RNA Biology (IF 5.6) will publish a spcial issue on "RNA & Disease" for which Sven is serving as a guest editor. Please consider submitting your original research articles or any suggestions for a review article or a point-of-view contribution to RNA Biology until November 2011.


Another honor for our group: Our master student Julia Neugebauer was awarded the first prize in the young scientist presentation session of the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM). Congratulations!


Today, the RNA Biology paper on the stabilization of mature microRNAs by Argonaute proteins became available online and was listed in PubMed - we hope, you will enjoy reading it.


Excellent: Tony Gutschner has won the Best Poster Award of the 12th DGZ Young Scientist Meeting "RNA & Disease".


Welcome everyone to the "RNA & Disease" - Meeting in Jena. We all enjoyed highly interesting talks and fruitful discussions at the posters. The formal meeting report will appear in November in RNA Biology. Thanks to the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ) and Carl Zeiss Jena for helping us organizing the meeting! We all had a great time and learned a lot about the fascinating topic of RNA & Disease from excellent national and international speakers! You can also find a picture of all the participants.


The Laborjournal has featured our article on the use of ZFNs to silence ncRNAs online.


That was fast: Today, the Genome Research paper on the use of Zinc Finger Nucleases became available online and was listed in PubMed - we hope, you will enjoy reading it.


Double-play ! Today, the Chinese lucky number 8 has brought us double success at the 08.08.:
Our first two manuscripts have been accepted for publication today!
Congratulations to Julia and to Tony who each have now published their first first-author paper after less than three years into their PhDs!
Please, do not wonder if you do not find us in the lab - we are celebrating!


A paper on the role of microRNAs in the invasion front of colon cancer from our cooperation partners Christoph Kahlert and Jürgen Weitz has been accepted - congratulations !


Good news from Berlin: A new "Virtual Helmholtz Institute" will be established on Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia (CLL) based on an initiative by Peter Lichter and Daniel Mertens. We are looking forward to our joint project and study RNAs in this disease.


A new paper is out from a collaboration with Münster!


Oh happy days: Tony got great reviews on his manuscript and we hope to see it printed this year after the revision.


It's done: The program for the 12th DGZ Young Investigator Meeting is finished with an attractive set of speakers. The topic this year will be "RNA & Disease" and you are cordially invited. The registration is free for DGZ members and very cheap for students - and includes accomodation and meals !


Welcome to Anna Roth ! Anna joins our lab today as a new graduate student. She will focus on the function of non-coding RNAs in lung cancer.


We welcome Julia Neugebauer as Master student investigating long non-coding RNAs in the DNA damage response.

2010 Holidays

We wish happy holidays and a happy and successful new year 2011 to all members, cooperation partners and friends of our group !


Take a look at the new Associate Editor of 'RNA Biology' for "RNA & Disease".


Pedro's paper on the role of miR-375 in breast cancer appears in print today in Cancer Research.


Monika Hämmerle joins our lab as an M.D. / Ph.D. postdoctoral fellow. Monika will work as a clinician in the Department of Pathology at the University Hospital Heidelberg and will strengthen our research on the role of long non-coding RNAs in liver cancer. Welcome !



If you are interested in our research, come and meet us at the EMBL Conference "The non-coding genome".


B150 goes Conferencing ! Today, we are travelling together for four days to the RNA Biochemistry Meeting of the German Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


Finally, our new cordless phones have arrived:
Maria, Steffi, Julia and Catherina can now be reached at -4380 and
Tony, Marion, Hannah and Silvia can now be reached at -4381.


New labs - new lab members: We welcome our new technician Catherina Hildenbrand into our group and wish her a good start in the non-coding RNA world !


The big day is here - and gone already: Our lab has moved from one end of the Heidelberg Life Science Campus to the other. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this adventure and made it a smooth transition !
The new lab is now well equipped and the cell culture is already up and running, so work continues without interruption...
You can find us now in the DKFZ main building, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, Room H1.03.064 (3rd floor). Please note, that also our phone numbers have changed: Sven can now be reached at 06221 / 42-4383, the other new numbers will follow.


Have a look into today's print issue of Nature ...


Today, Sven is inaugurated into the Young Academy of Sciences (Die Junge Akademie) in Berlin.


The recently accepted manuscript on SIAE mutants in autoimmunity diseases has been published online in Nature.

04. & 05.06.2010

With a public lecture on Friday and a celebration during the annual meeting of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences on Saturday, Sven has been awarded the Karl-Freudenberg-Preis 2010 - here you can find more information.


Good news from Halle (Saale): The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences have selected our group leader Sven Diederichs as a new member for the "Young Academy of Sciences" (Die Junge Akademie). This year, ten new members have been selected from all scientific disciplines reaching from arts and humanities to natural sciences.


Marco Geigges joins us for an internship from the University of Constance - Welcome !


Best possible news: Nature has accepted a manuscript from our collaboration partners at the Masschusetts General Hospital Cancer Center / Harvard Medical School in Boston with Sven as co-author! While they are celebrating with champagne this afternoon, we will enjoy the sunny day and all go for ice-cream to celebrate.


No April Fool's joke: The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities has awarded Sven the Karl-Freudenberg-Preis 2010 for his research "connecting the molecular biology of non-coding RNA with questions of tumor biology". The public lecture, award ceremony and the party will be in early June, so check back later for additional news.


Starting today, Marion Baas strengthens our team and will amplify our research on the role of non-coding RNA in cancer. The new Transregio-SFB TRR77 "Hepatocellular Carcinoma" thus turns into reality in our lab.


Congratulations to Svantje Braun, who has published her first paper from her Master's thesis today in the Journal of Biological Chemistry !


In the new year, our new student Hannah Uckelmann from the University of Heidelberg joins us for two months to learn more about the exciting world of microRNA Biogenesis in cancer.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010 !


Outstanding news: The German Research Foundation (DFG) has decided to fully fund the Transregio-SFB "Hepatocellular Carcinoma" in Heidelberg and Hannover for the next four years. This includes full funding for our project "Non-coding RNA in Hepatocellular Carcinoma" ! Let's party - and applications are welcome...


Evgenij is back ! After his internship in summer, we are all looking forward to his comeback as diploma student to our lab - welcome !


The last day of summer - if the weather forecast is correct (sun & 25°C): So, we will use it for a lab barbecue !

13. - 18.09.2009

This week, the first Life Science College of the German Merit Foundation ( Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes ) takes place in Dresden, in which Sven organizes a group together with Michael Boutros from the DKFZ on "Genetics and Genomics in Medical Research". We welcome all the new members to this college and are looking forward to give some of them the opportunity to also gain some practical experience in our lab.


Welcome to Svantje Braun who joins our lab today as graduate student !


Good news: The DKFZ-Israel(MOST)-Cooperation Programme has awarded our grant proposal on the biogenesis and regulation of immune regulatory microRNAs full funding for three years.


Joint forces from our lab have won the Pub-Quiz yesterday evening and took home the first prize of the month: A new mountain bike ! So, from now on, our lab has its own "lab-bike" to get from the technology park to the main building of the DKFZ... and Evgenij: Something is waiting for you to come back to Heidelberg.


Congratulations to Tony Gutschner, who has been awarded a DKFZ PhD Student Fellowship !


Monika Pütz, Bachelor student at the University of Heidelberg, joins us for the next four months - welcome to the non-coding RNA world !


Today, our review article on microRNA biogenesis has been published in Nature Cell Biology as our first publication from our new group here in Heidelberg - let's celebrate !


Welcome to Evgenij Fiskin - a Biochemistry student from the Free University Berlin, who joins the lab for a three month internship.


Three parties in one day: We welcome Stefanie Grund as a new postdoctoral fellow, say good-bye to our intern Katharina Branz and congratulate Julia Winter to her first publication, which appeared online last week in the Journal of Cell Science.


Merry christmas & a happy new year !


More good news: The European Commission has recommended our group leader, Dr. Sven Diederichs, for funding of a Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant ! This grant will substantially contribute to our work on non-coding RNAs for the next four years.


Today, the selection committee for the DKFZ Postdoctoral fellowships has awarded the first five inaugural fellowships from a large group of excellent applicants. B150 is very happy that we could attract one of these selected fellows to our group: Dr. Stefanie Grund from Ed Hurt's group will start in January 2009 !


Christmas Party - B150 goes Bowling... Congratulations to Tony, the undisputed master of the pins.


Good news: The Helmholtz Society has selected our group as a Helmholtz-University-Group and will fund our microRNA research for the next five years !!!
For further information, please have a look at the press release of the DKFZ.


Katharina Branz, a biochemistry student from the Free University Berlin, joins us today for three months to explore the world of microRNAs and non-coding RNAs.


Today, Tony Gutschner joins us as graduate student from the University of Halle (Saale): Welcome to the group !


Harald zur Hausen from the DKFZ has today been awarded the Nobel Prize 2008 for Medicine and Physiology "for his discovery of human papilloma viruses causing cervical cancer" together with two French scientists. The entire DKFZ congratulates him !


Again a happy event: Pedro de Souza Rocha Simonini joins our group from the tri-national program in biotechnology from the University of Strasbourg: Welcome !


Our PNAS paper has attracted attention: After it has been selected as "Recommended Reading" by the 'Faculty of 1000' immediately after publication, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery has presented our findings now as a Research Highlight in their latest edition. Thanks & congratulations to all our co-authors !


We are steadily growing: Maria Polycarpou-Schwarz joins our group as a scientist. She brings a lot of experience in RNA biology from the EMBL, so we are especially happy to welcome her to the "Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer" group at the DKFZ !


The first graduate student in our lab has started - now, the research group "Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer" is really starting off. Welcome to Julia Winter !


Cooling for hot summer days: Finally, our freezers have arrived... next week, we will also get pipets and delve into uncovering novel mechanisms in microRNA biogenesis and regulation.


Today, our recent manuscript from Boston entitled “Co-expression of Argonaute-2 enhances RNA Interference towards perfect match binding sites” has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. (2008) 105: 9284-9289.


Ready, set, go ! Today is the first day of the new research group "Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer" at the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ in Heidelberg. The group leader, Sven Diederichs, starts today in Heidelberg, and hopefully soon, other motivated scientists will join the group to explore the fascinating microRNA world !

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