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e.biss – The Latest in E-Procurement

In order to manage all procurements, the DKFZ uses the e-procurement system e.biss. This supports decentralized procurement in which scientists can select and order from a highly specialized catalog with over 80 different suppliers and more than 5.5 million items. These can quickly and precisely be adapted to individual needs. All this is done while still retaining all the strategic advantages of a centralized procurement system.

The pool of suppliers and items is based on uniform framework agreements made between the DKFZ and the suppliers. This ensures a custom-made range of products, which, due to the transparency for the whole institution, can at any time be adapted to changing demands. This also helps guarantee the best possible conditions at any given time.

An additional service of the system lies in using links to other catalogs. In the area of configurable products for laboratory use (Oligosynthesis), it is possible to select items from an external online shop and book it via one’s own internal procurement system.

Beyond that, e.biss allows users to reserve items out of the DKFZ’s stock as well as request items and services (central procurement) which are not available via the e.biss catalog.

Service Spectrum

e.biss does not only provide a uniform platform for all orders, but it also supports scientists by automating and therefore optimizing large parts of the procurement process.

For recurring orders, it is also possible to create individual, custom shopping carts as templates, to be saved for future use.

In the catalog itself, one need only specify the item and the quantity. With direct orders, it is no longer necessary to input the item’s description, units and prices.

One major advantage is in account assignment logic. The buyer no longer needs any accounting knowledge, since the particular account and the account assignment logic is derived automatically. Scientists need only choose from the individually preconfigured cost centers or cost units which should be assigned to the order.

Even more transparency is gained by the use of the search and compare functions. A search of the entire catalog according to specific parameters enables the user to get quick results and gain a clear overview of a vast selection of items. Thanks to the compare function, multiple items can be viewed side by side and compared so as to make the best possible decision.

Cooperation with e.biss

Via a cooperative license or contract, the DKFZ offers other research institutes the opportunity to utilize e.biss as well. The users chiefly benefit from this through better conditions and a concentrated pool of knowledge.

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Minimizing of dependency on a specific supplier via the multi-supplier catalog
  • Increased transparency for buyer and requisitioner
  • Avoidance of usage fees for electronic marketplaces
  • Reduction of discrepancies in accounting accelerates the accounting process and lowers costs by increased usage of discounts
  • User-friendliness thanks to a uniform and easy to use interface for all procurements
  • No accounting experience necessary on the part of the user thanks to individually preconfigured account assignment logic
  • Faster procurement, as the order is delivered straight from buyer to supplier
  • Time saved before the receipt of goods, due to the correct description of goods and the naming by the procurer
  • Drastic reduction of processing times and minimizing of input errors due to exclusively electronic transfer of order details to supplier
  • Reduction of open questions due to the avoidance of discrepancies regarding items’ description, quantity, and price
  • In accordance with public procurement law
  • Price and service benefits by pooling requirements

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