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In October, Desiree Dickerson is going to talk about:

Shifting the spotlight
In the academic world, we spend a lot of time focusing on our weaknesses in the hope of improving our skills and sharpening our arguments. Ok. But what about our strengths? Research tells us that we can enjoy our work more and achieve more when we pay attention to our strengths. How our work aligns with our values has a direct impact on your joy for your work as well. Something that impacts on your motivation dramatically. When was the last time you checked to see if how you spend your days still aligns with your values? In this webinar, we explore:
- Identifying and playing to our strengths.
- Using our values as a compass.
- Shifting the spotlight, seeing the light in the cracks.
- Connection in a time of isolation.
- Supporting others.


In November, Daniel Stolte is going to tell us about:

How to communicate science


Our next Meetings

PDN Committee 2020

PDN Committee 2020
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We currently meet in a virtual format every 2 weeks. If you are interested to join and help organizing some of our events, please drop us an e-mail: pdn-committee@dkfz.de. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Career Days

Career Days are an initiative of the DKFZ PostDoc Network (PDN) supported by the Career Service. The aim is to provide scientists at our institute with insights on different career paths in specific fields. We invite alumni and other (postdoctoral) researchers to briefly share their personal career paths. Afterwards participants have ample time to join round table Q&A sessions.  An information booklet with career profiles and recent job offers are provided to all participants and stay available in our archive.



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