Technology Transfer


“Creating Value from Research”

The DKFZ has worldwide reputation as a place for excellent research, where new and exciting technologies emerge. The Office of Technology Transfer has been creating more and more success stories in exploiting these technologies. Our success is measured by the success in bringing ideas to the market and to the patient. We offer the following services to our researchers:


  • We support researchers in protecting and commercializing their inventions and reagents including starting their own companies.
  • We help our researchers in securing funding for developing and validating their technologies in order to increase the commercialization potential.
  • We engage with a variety of companies mainly through cooperation of our researchers and licensing our technologies but also through strategic partnerships.


Technology transfer nowadays has become accepted in the scientific community and in industry. It is much more than just patents and licenses and start-ups. Rapidly evolving trends (such as open science) and novel funding schemes (through strategic partnerships and public grants to validate early inventions) are being integrated into the technology transfer processes at the DKFZ in order to pave the way for groundbreaking technologies. We are constantly striving to improve our services and the way we do business to make serendipity happen today and in the future.

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