HUSAR (Heidelberg Unix Sequence Analysis Resources)

Our main program package - HUSAR - provides access to more than 200 locally installed most up-to-date databases and offers a large number of applications for DNA and protein analysis. HUSAR is running on a central server at DKFZ but all tools in HUSAR can be accessed via the same Web-interface (W2H) so the only thing you need is a local computer with a web-browser (like Firefox or Internet Explorer) and a HUSAR account (see Registration).


The program package contains programs in the following areas:

  • sequence analysis pipelines
  • deep-sequencing (NGS) analysis
  • sequence pair-comparison
  • multiple sequence alignment
  • data base searching BLAST
  • data base searching Other programs
  • data base reference searching + utilities
  • profiles and Hidden Markov Models
  • sequence editing and manipulation
  • sequence translation and conversion
  • mapping
  • primer selection
  • DNA fragment assembly
  • evolutionary analysis
  • gene finding and pattern analysis
  • RNA analysis & secondary structure
  • protein sequence analysis


Login to W2H (registration required):

User Support

Bioinformatic Problems? Questions to HUSAR?

tel:  +49-6221-42-2349
email:   Genome(at)

2nd floor, room 02.MC.100
Berliner Str. 41
D-69120 Heidelberg

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