Timeline of Events and Highlights of Major Cancer Biology

--- Year 2021 ----------

Call for Applications - Online Application starting 1. February!

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5. February: Introduction to Molecular Biosciences

The Faculty of Biosciences of the University of Heidelberg invites all interested applicants to a public information event via Zoom webinar where the Master program and the application process will be presented. Representatives of each Major are there to give an overview of their specific study program and selection criteria.
The program presentation will be followed by a meeting with the student speakers to answer your questions and give an insight into student life.

Date: Friday, 5. February 2021, 2 p.m.
Webinar Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84677486981?pwd=aWpzb2xOUnplbks4a2R5OUR0ZE9LZz09
Passcode: 05022021

--- Year 2020 ----------

Major Cancer Biology Class of 2020

Welcome Week at the DKFZ: 26.-30. October 2020

A bit more distance than usual had to be kept for the traditional group picture shooting on the first welcome day at DKFZ.
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>Where do the new students come from?

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get to know the 2020 Students here

>A Warm Welcome also from the Major Cancer Biology Family on LinkedIn

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Major Cancer Biology is affected by the Corona pandemic in the following way:

  • Selection for October 2020 intake: all evaluation was done online, personal interviews by telephone/video call only
  • Courses in the current summer term and upcoming winter term:
    hybrid mode of online teaching by video conference for lecture series, theoretical parts, seminars,
    and practical parts in physical presence following the safety and hygiene concept of DKFZ
  • Start of Winter Term 2020/2021: postponed to 2nd November

[update: 7. September 2020]

> Retreat temporarily cancelled!

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Restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic force us to cancel the retreat, at least for 6./7. June - hopefully  we can have it later this year.

> Save the date! Major Cancer Biology Retreat 2020 (6.-7. June)

All junior and senior and guest students are invited, mentors are also welcome! - registration opening 1st March

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--- Year 2019 ----------

> DKFZ Graduation Ceremony on 22. November 2019

Come celebrate with us!

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> 15. October 2019: Welcome to the new students from the Major Cancer Biology family

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> 14.-21. October 2019: Welcome Week for Students of Major Cancer Biology 2019

who will be the next students...?
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In October the next 24 students will begin their studies in the Master Program Molecular Biosciences with Major Cancer Biology at the DKFZ.

This is the schedule of the Introduction and Welcome Events:

  • Personal enrollment at the University is between 2. September and 11. October
  • Orientation Days for new international students (organized by the University of Heidelberg International Office)
  • Central Welcome Event "Introduction to Molecular Biosciences": Monday, 14. October, 10:00-12:00
  • First lecture: Wednesday, 16. October, 8:15-9:45
  • Major Cancer Biology and DKFZ introduction events: 15.-21. October
    (official welcome and DKFZ intro, group picture, DKFZ administrative matters, DKFZ Campus Tour, Safety Instructions, Special Workshops, etc.)
  • Descriptions of the practical courses offered in the first semester can be found under "Study Program". On Tuesday, 15. October, the practical courses will be presented by the various organizers, and places will be distributed
  • Study Buddy Welcome Program: pub crawl, barbecue, etc.

Download 1-page schedule of Major Cancer Biology 2019 Welcome Events here...


> 26./27. July 2019: MolBio Symposium on Science Communication

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We proudly present the first ever MolBio Symposium on Science Communication organized by the Master students of Molecular Biosciences!

The symposium will take place on Saturday, 27th July, preceded by a kick-off event in the evening of 26th July. We created an interesting program with various workshops on different aspects of science communication. On top of that, we also invited inspiring keynote speakers that will give you a broad perspective of different aspects of science communication and why it is important for your scientific career. These sessions include:

                  • Increasing impact: How to communicate science to non-specialist audiences​ (Dr. Tobias Maier, NaWik)
                  • Better Presentations – TED style (Rebecca Alvarado, MoBi/TEDx)
                  • The Sounds of Science: Using Podcasts for Outreach ​ (Dr. Caitlin Kight, University of Exeter)
                  • From Lab to Fame in 3 Minutes – How to Pitch to Everyone (Dr. Veli Vural Uslu, COS/FameLab)

You will find everything you need to know on our webpage (https://www.conferencecentral.org/webpage/view/9) and for questions please contact us (molbio.symposium@gmail.com). Registration deadline is July 14.

We are very much looking forward to having a great time with all of you!


Your Organizing Committee of the MolBio Symposium 2019

> 31. January 2019: Public Presentation of the Master Program 'Molecular Biosciences'

© MolBio at Heidelberg University

Introduction to MSc Molecular Biosciences

The Faculty of Biosciences of Heidelberg University invites all interested applicants to a public information event where the Master program and the application process will be presented. Representatives of each Major are there to give an overview of their specific study program and are ready to answer your individual questions.

Date: Thursday, 31. January 2019, 2 p.m.
Location: COS (Center for Organismal Studies) Auditorium, Im Neuenheimer Feld 230

--- Year 2018 ----------

> 16. November 2018: DKFZ Graduation Ceremony for all PhD and Master students

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Ph.inisheD and Master'ed! Congratulations to the graduates of the year 2018 who received their certificates during the Ceremony (left: Professor Ilse Hofmann, Coordinator of Major Cancer Biology; right: Dr. Lindsay Murrells, Manager of the Graduate School, HIGS)
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Congratulations to the successful graduates of Major Cancer Biology from classes of 2015 and 2016: Julia Messmer, Lopamudra Sadhu, Maja Starostecka, Gemma Pidelaserra, Pavle Boskovic, Jeyan Jayarajan, Yasmin Demerdash, Maximilian Schönung, Md Saiful Islam, Zhivka Hristova, Ikra Gizem Yildiz (from left to right, with Master of Ceremonies Aurelio Teleman)
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Awardees of the 2018 HIGS MSc Fellowships: Alina Bollhagen (Germany), Sanjana Balaji (India), Lasse Meyer (Germany), Öykü Ece Tosun (Turkey)
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> 9.-11. October 2018: "Frontiers in Cancer Research" Conference at DKFZ

incoming students of Major Cancer Biology 2018 meeting for the first time at the FCR Conference
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all current and future students of Major Cancer Biology were invited to attend this exciting conference presenting the hottest topics in cancer research, with lots of opportunities to meet the speakers, interaction and networking

> 30. June/1. July 2018: Retreat in Seidenbuch

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> June 2018: 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

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Gintvile Valinciute, Major Cancer Biology class of 2014, was selected to attend the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting at Lake Constance where 39 laureates met 600 young scientists from 84 nations. 

read more:

"Women in Research at #LINO18: Gintvile Valinciute from Lithuania" (interview)

"A cancer researcher devoted to the youngest patients" in the July 2018 BMBF newsletter Research in Germany (portrait)

> June 2018: Otto Schmeil Prize for Simon Haas and Lars Velten

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The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences (HAdW) has awarded the 2018 Otto Schmeil Prize to Simon Haas and Lars Velten, both Major Cancer Biology class of 2010, for their joint work „Revising classical models of hematopoietic stem cell commitment by single cell analyses“ (more info here).

--- Year 2017 ----------

> 24.-25. November 2017: Anniversary Weekend

+ DKFZ Graduation Ceremony (Friday, 5-7 pm)
+ PhD Happy Hour (Friday night)
+ 10-Year Anniversary of Master Program Molecular Biosciences (Saturday morning)
+ 10 Years of Major Cancer Biology (Saturday afternoon)


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> 24./25. June 2017: Retreat in Burg Liebenzell

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--- Year 2013 ----------

> 15th November 2013: DKFZ-HIGS Graduation Ceremony

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Student graduations, Fellowship awards, a Nobel laureate, PhD Hat competition, Student talk, Poster presentation awards, PhD Council  farewell and welcome, Science Slam,  Music from the "The Wild Types" - this year's annual DKFZ-HIGS Graduation Ceremony was a firework of events, lively and entertaining, but most of all a time to congratulate and celebrate the students who have sucessfully earned their University degrees, PhD or MSc, during the last year.

On Friday afternoon all DKFZ was invited to the Grand Lecture Hall, guided through the program by the Scientific Director of the DKFZ Board, Prof. Dr. Otmar D. Wiestler.

For a picture gallery of the event please go to the 2011 Students' page.

Major Cancer Biology proudly presents: Students from our first class of master students, 2007, have successfully completed their PhD at the DKFZ - Congratulations!

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All happy faces: Here are some of our successful graduates from the 2010 and 2011 Major Cancer Biology classes - Congratulations!

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> 15. October 2013: 24 new students have arrived at the DKFZ

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--- Year 2010 ----------

> New in 2010: Scholarships for MSc students

New! - The Helmholtz International Graduate School for Cancer Research (HIGS), the Hartmut Hoffmann-Berling International Graduate School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (HBIGS) and the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der molekularbiologischen Forschung in Heidelberg e.V. (GFM) jointly offer competitive MSc/PhD fellowships to outstanding applicants from all over the world, enabling them to enroll in the MSc/PhD programs Molecular Biosciences.

Application procedure for scholarship program

> Do you have questions?

If you did not find the desired information on our websites please send an e-mail with your specific inquiry.

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