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Are you considering a career as a clinician scientist? Apply now!

The German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg belongs to the leading cancer research centers worldwide and commits itself to strengthening the research profile of clinician scientists. The DKFZ is a prime location to pursue basic and translational oncology research in one of its six research programs. Team up with a strong partner to support your translational research ambitions and take advantage of tailored opportunities to gain basic and translational cancer research experience in a world-class scientific setting. 

DKFZ Clinician Scientist Fellowships are offered to physicians who are conducting specialized medical training and who wish to enhance their careers by gaining research experience. The fellowships are distinguished by protected research time, comprehensive training offers and intersectoral mentoring relationships.

The center supports you to expand your research experience and to establish your own scientific network. Use this unique opportunity to complement your clinical training and to actively develop your long-term career perspectives as a clinician scientist!

Find more information below about eligibility criteria and details on how to apply.

How to Apply

Find more information on how to apply for our Clinician Scientist Fellowship on our dedicated webpage here.

Click here to download our Application Guide (PDF document) containing detailed information on the DKFZ Clinician Scientist Program and the Clinician Scientist Fellowships.


Salaries for DKFZ Clinician Scientist Fellowships are competitive by national standards and are negotiated and confirmed during the recruitment phase should a fellowship be offered.

Fellowship contracts are initially offered for a duration of two years and can be used within the Clinician Scientist Program period of 4 years, e.g. if clinical work needs to be interspersed. We acknowledge that clinician scientists' careers need to be handled with a great amount of flexibility. Therefore, Fellows are required to develop their individual fellowship timeline together with their mentors and present this to the Clinician Scientist Program Office within the first 1,5 months after starting the fellowship.


The DKFZ Clinician Scientist Program is supported by the Dieter Morszeck Foundation.

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