Current Equipment

  • GC-ToF system (Leco) for sensitive semi-quantitative, comparative studies of central core metabolism and 13C tracing ('Flux') studies
  • GC-MS system (Shimadzu) for analyses of fatty acids
  • UPLC systems coupled to QTrap6500+ MS/MS (Sciex) for targeted, ultrasensitive analyses and Metabolomics kits (e.g. MxP Quant 500; Biocrates)
  • UPLC system coupled to Vion IMS-QTof MS (Waters) for unbiased comparative analyses
  • Ion-Chromatography (Thermo) system equipped with conductivity and pulsed amperometric detectors for targeted analyses
  • UPLC system coupled to PDA-, FLR- and QDA - detectors (Waters) for targeted metabolite analyses
  • Liquid handling station EpMotion (Eppendorf)

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