PEAIP: Participatory creation of an app-based implant passport

Funded by the BMG from 2020 to 2022
Project management: Achim Hekler
Since 2015, the Medical Device Operator Regulation in Germany stipulates that every patient who receives an implant must be given an implant passport containing the key data on their implant immediately after the implant has been inserted. A Europe-wide regulation with similar content has been in place since May 2020. The implant pass should always be carried with you so that e.g. in the event of an accident requiring an operation, the necessary information for the physicians is immediately available.

In coordination with patients and self-help groups, we will develop an implant passport for hip, knee joint and breast implants as a mobile application, which should be readable in an emergency even without an internet connection.

Ultimately, the app prototype should be made available as open source software. At the same time, a concept for the integration of the app into the relevant structures in the healthcare system will be developed.

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