The Baden-Württemberg Cancer Registry is composed of three parts

  • Trust center
  • Clinical Cancer Registry
  • Epidemiological Cancer Registry

The Trust center accepts the electronic, encrypted reports and verifies the personal data with regard to completeness and plausibility. It is located at the German Federal Pension Insurance in Karlsruhe

The Clinical Cancer Registry focusses on quality assurance of clinical cancer care and feedback to health care providers. It is located at the Baden-Württemberg Association of Hospitals (BWKG) in Stuttgart.

The Epidemiological Cancer Registry evaluates the data on a population basis. It describes the burden of cancer and pattern of cancer care in Baden-Württemberg by

  • Assessing the temporal and spatial distribution and frequency of cancer
  • In depth analysis of cancer care
  • Up-to-date monitoring of prognosis and survival
  • Collecting patient-reported outcome (planned)
  • Performing and supporting clinical epidemiological research projects

The Epidemiological Cancer Registry is located at the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg.


Further Information (in German only)

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