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List of publications Clarissa Gerhauser


1. Manoochehri M, Borhani N, Gerhäuser C, Assenov Y, Schönung M, Hielscher T, Christensen BC, Lee MK, Gröne HJ, Lipka DB, Brüning T, Brauch H, Ko YD, Hamann U. DNA methylation biomarkers for noninvasive detection of triple-negative breast cancer using liquid biopsy. Int. J. Cancer 2022 Oct 28. doi: 10.1002/ijc.34337. Abstract

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1. Clarissa Gerhauser, Combination Chemoprevention by Targeting the Epigenome. Chapter 18 in: Natural Products for Cancer Chemoprevention: Single Compounds and Combinations, Eds. John M. Pezzuto and Ole Vang, Springer Full Text (PDF)

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Book Chapter

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Book Chapter

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Book Chapters

1. Gerhäuser, C. and Becker, H.
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4. Gerhäuser, C.
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4. Clarissa Gerhäuser. Chemoprävention von Krebs. Forum DKG Sonderheft 2007, 5-8 (2007) Full text (PDF)

Book Chapter

1. Clarissa Gerhäuser.
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6. Gerhäuser, C.
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Molekulare Forschungsansätze zur Vorbeugung von Krebserkrankungen
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Flavonoide und andere pflanzliche Wirkstoffe. Was hat praktische Relevanz? Sollen wir unser Essverhalten ändern?
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Cancer Lett. 136, 59-65 (1999) Abstract Full text (PDF)

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