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SCIENCE@DKFZ is a new monthly internal seminar series and will form a regular platform for presenting the cutting edge research going on at our center. It aims at increasing the dissemination of scientific results generated at the DKFZ and NCT in Heidelberg. Each edition will feature a comprehensive lecture by a DKFZ division head or alternatively two lectures by junior group leaders.  These speakers will also give a general overview of their research field. In addition, recent DKFZ publication highlights will be introduced and summarized in short and flash talks. In each edition and over each half-year long season, all six research programs of the DKFZ will be covered, with the goal to show not only the excellence but also the width of research performed at the DKFZ.

After the scientific program, everybody is invited for a casual Get-Together and Networking in the foyer of the communication center. Each season is hosted and chaired by one of the six research programs. Colleagues from the Heidelberg Campus are warmly welcomed to all events.

Program Season 01

4:00-6:00 pm, DKFZ, Communication Center, Lecture Hall

Tue, 14 January:
Ralf Bartenschlager (FSP F) - Oncogenic Hepatitis Viruses: Induction and Prevention of Liver Cancer

Wed, 12 February:
Hellmut Augustin (FSP A) - Vascular Control of Organ Function and Disease

Mon, 23 March: Postponed to July!

Mon, 20 April:
Karen Steindorf (FSP C) - Physical Activity: Relevant for Cancer Prevention and Treatment?

Thu, 28 May:
Lena Maier-Hein (FSP E) - Surgical Data Science

Tue, 23 June
Angela Goncalves (FSP B) - Comparative genomics of tissue ageing and early carcinogenesis
Guoliang Cui (FSP D) - T cell metabolism in cancer and autoimmunity

Thursday, 16 July:
Michael Platten (FSP D) - Challenges in Brain Tumor Immunotherapy

Everyone is welcome, no registration necessary! Snacks and drinks will be provided after the talks.

Jointly organized by the DKFZ Research Programs (FSPs)

Season Chairs: Members of the FSP A – Cell and Tumor Biology

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Poster Season 01


Poster Season 01

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