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Science at DKFZ

SCIENCE@DKFZ - The DKFZ Internal Seminar



SCIENCE@DKFZ is a monthly internal seminar series and forms a regular platform for presenting the cutting-edge research going on at our center. It aims at increasing the dissemination of scientific results generated at the DKFZ and NCT in Heidelberg. Each edition will feature a comprehensive lecture by a DKFZ division head or alternatively two lectures by junior group leaders. These speakers will also give a general overview of their research field. In addition, recent DKFZ publication highlights will be presented as flash talks. In each edition and over each half-year long season, all six research programs of the DKFZ will be covered, with the goal to show not only the excellence but also the bandwidth of research performed at the DKFZ.

Each season is hosted and chaired by one of the six research programs. Colleagues from the Heidelberg Campus are warmly welcomed to all events.

Upcoming SCIENCE@DKFZ Virtual Event



The second session of this season's SCIENCE@DKFZ lecture series season has been scheduled for March as online Webinar.

Monday, May 9th at 3 pm with keynote lecture by Michael Milsom.

Before and after the keynote young scientists will present outstanding recently published publications. Detailed program see below. 

Online Participation Link to take part via Webinar:

Passcode: 46137115
Webinar ID: 889 7294 7105

Program 09.05.2022: 

1. Babara Helm: MSPypeline: a python package for streamlined data analysis of mass spectrometry-
based proteomics
2. Dominik Vonficht: Single-cell proteo-genomic reference maps of the hematopoietic system enable the
purification and massive profiling of precisely defined cell states
3. Michael Milsom: Stem cells, ageing and cancer
4. Keyi Yang: Higher incidence of diabetes in cancer patients compared to cancer-free population controls: A systematic review and meta-analysis
5. Riccardo Pecori: ADESSO: a rapid, adaptable and sensitive Cas13-based COVID-19 diagnostic platform

Program Season 05

3:00-5:00 pm, Zoom Online Seminar & DKFZ Lecture Hall

Mon, 28 March
Thomas Höfer (FSP B) - Stem cell dynamics and selection of cancer driver mutations

Thu, 14 April
Erec Stebbins (FSP D) - Parasitizing Parasites: Exploiting the African Trypanosome for Science and Medicine

Mon, 09 May
Michael Milsom (FSP A) - Stem cells, ageing and cancer

Tue, 07 June
Magdalena Görtz (FSP E) – Multiparametric methods for early detection of prostate cancer
Paul Jäger              (FSP E) – Interactive Machine Learning @ DKFZ

Wed, 13 July
Ingrid Hoffmann    (FSP F) - Cell cycle control and cancer
Stella Authenrieth (FSP F) - Using Spectral Flow Cytometry for Phenotyping Dendritic Cells in Infection and Cancer

Thu, 28 July
Annette Kopp-Schneider (FSP C) - Novel clinical trial designs for precision oncology

Jointly organized by the DKFZ Research Programs (FSPs)
Season Chairs: Members of the FSP D – Immunology and Cancer

 Contact the Organizers


Poster Season 05


Poster Season 05

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