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SCIENCE@DKFZ is a monthly internal seminar series and forms a regular platform for presenting the cutting-edge research going on at our center. It aims at increasing the dissemination of scientific results generated at the DKFZ and NCT in Heidelberg. Each edition will feature a comprehensive lecture by a DKFZ division head or alternatively two lectures by junior group leaders. These speakers will also give a general overview of their research field. In addition, recent DKFZ publication highlights will be presented as flash talks. In each edition and over each half-year long season, all six research programs of the DKFZ will be covered, with the goal to show not only the excellence but also the bandwidth of research performed at the DKFZ.

Each season is hosted and chaired by one of the six research programs. Colleagues from the Heidelberg Campus are warmly welcomed to all events.

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To continue our scientific exchange, our SCIENCE@DKFZ is going on with its third season.

The 14th edition will take place on Wednesday, April 14th at 4 pm and will include two keynote lectures by Ana Banito and Christiane Opitz.

As always, these will be framed by presentations of first authors of an exquisite collection of recently published papers.

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Pia Sommerkamp – Mouse multipotent progenitor 5 cells are located at the interphase between hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

Manuel Wiesenfarth – Methods and open-source toolkit for analyzing and visualizing challenge results

Ana Banito – Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms driving pediatric sarcomas

Christiane Opitz –  Metabolic signaling and immune oncology

Timo Bund – Analysis of chronic inflammatory lesions of the colonfor BMMF Rep antigen expression and CD68 macrophage interactions

Sabine Hartlieb – Alternative lengthening of telomeres in childhood neuroblastoma from genome to proteome


Program Season 03

4:00-6:00 pm, Zoom Online Seminar

Tue, 16 March:
Eran Elinav (FSP F) - Host microbiome interactions in health and disease

Wed, 14 April:
Ana Banito (FSP B) - Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms driving pediatric sarcomas
Christiane Opitz (FSP B) - Metabolic signaling and immune oncology

Thu, 20 May:
Hermann Brenner (FSP C) - How to halve colorectal cancer mortality in 20 years

Mon, 21 June:
Marc Kachelrieß (FSP E) - Advances in CT and PET Image Formation

Wed, 7 July:
Almut Schulze (FSP A) - Targeting Cancer Metabolism

Mon, 26 July:
Nina Papavasiliou (FSP D) - Enzymatic mechanisms that cause informational diversity in the cell


Everyone is welcome, no registration necessary!

Jointly organized by the DKFZ Research Programs (FSPs)

Season Chairs: Members of the FSP C – Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention


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Poster Season 03


Poster Season 03

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