"Nutritional control of protein biosynthetic capacity by insulin via Myc in Drosophila." Cell Metab. 2008 7:21-32

Supplemental Data including Supplemental Experimental Procedures, five figures, and one table are available for download from the Cell Metabolism website http://www.cellmetabolism.org/cgi/content/full/7/1/21/DC1/

Microarray data is available for download from MIAMExpress at the EBI with the accession number E-TABM-375.

FOXO ChIP/chip data can be downloaded here. Three biological replicates were done (BR0, BR1 and BR5) and for each experiment there's a FOXO IP and a mock IP. Available files are the CEL files from the Affymetrix tiling arrays, compressed as ZIP files. The genome annotation used for the ChIP/chip is April 2004:

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