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Information Technology Core Facility (ITCF)

Holger Haas


Information technology needs and requirements continue to increase at DKFZ. This is due, in particular, to modern laboratory technologies in areas such as genome analysis and radiological image processing, which generate huge amounts of data on a petabyte scale. Communication technology and office applications have penetrated our everyday work and the introduction of the electronic laboratory notebook has reinforced this trend. Furthermore, as more and more personal data are being processed, aspects of IT safety play an ever more important role in many departments of DKFZ and as a requirement in many national and international scientific projects and collaborations such as the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK). However, not only confidentiality and integrity of data are important, the availability of IT is also essential for scientific work. Therefore, redundant IT systems are needed in many places. IT has gained a pivotal role as an enabling technology in the life sciences and particularly in cancer research.

The task of the Information Technology Core Facility (ITCF) is to optimize the use of information technology at DKFZ, to advise staff from all in-house departments in selecting IT tools for their specific needs in a general context, to implement and operate centralized IT services as well as to support the planning and operation of individual solutions. This is done on a service-oriented basis. All essential strategic and operative functions and tasks at DKFZ are substantially supported by IT.

The Software Systems group provides central IT software systems for both client and server sides. These include, for example, central services such as user administration, software distribution and license monitoring, rights and resources management in file services, data base servers, web servers, document management and the electronic laboratory notebook.

The Databases group is responsible for database development and support for all in-house departments. In addition, it provides technical support for DKFZ’s Internet and Intranet presentations as well as survey tools and cooperation platforms.

The Desktop Services group runs the service center for user inquiries, deals with all matters related to the desktop environment such as notebooks, MacOS, Windows and mobile devices, and runs the high-quality printing center.

Central servers, mail and file services, printing services, data storage as well as scientific computing are the tasks of the Central Servers group.

The Networks group takes care of the physical data network, Internet connections, dedicated connections to partners, and security services.

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