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Information Technology Core Facility (ITCF)

Holger Haas


At DKFZ, Information technology (IT) is a basic need for the work of all employees. This is due, in particular, to modern laboratory techniques in the field of genome analysis as well as radiological image processing with their large data volumes on a petabyte scale. In order to gain significant information and knowledge from research data, elaborate technologies are necessary. But also the penetration of everyday work with communication technology and office applications is still increasing, as facility monitoring and more and more administrative processes are being digitized. The many aspects of IT security play an important role at DKFZ because processing of personal data takes place in many areas and is required in many national and international scientific projects and co-operations. Therefore not only confidentiality and integrity of the data and applications are important, but also the availability is essential for good co-operation. IT thus has a leading role as an enabling technology for the life sciences and especially for cancer research.

The Information Technology Core Facility (ITCF) is responsible for optimum usage of IT at DKFZ, for supporting staff of all departments in matters of choosing IT tools for their special needs as well as for providing central IT Services and support which are essential for everyone at DKFZ. Individual solutions are also supported in planning and operation.


This is done on a service-oriented basis. All essential strategic and operational functions and tasks at DKFZ are substantially facilitated by the ITCF.

The working group “Network” takes care of the physical data network, the Internet connections, dedicated connections of partners and operational security services.

Central servers, mail and file service, printing services, data storage and scientific computing are the tasks of the working group “Central Servers”.

Central software systems and services are provided in the working group “Software Systems”. This includes user management, software distribution and license monitoring, authorization and resource management in file service, database service, document management and the electronic labbook.

Database developments for all areas of the DKFZ are implemented and supported in the working group “Databases”. Furthermore the technical support of the DKFZ intranet presence is guaranteed, as well as survey tools and cooperation platforms offered.

The working group “Desktop Services” runs the service centres for user enquiries and works on matters relating to the desktop environment as well as mobile devices and operates the high quality printing centre. The "IT Security" team is also located here.

The working group Compute Platforms operates central platforms und infrastructures for scientific computing (SCI). This currently includes the operation of the DKFZ Cloud based on Openstack, the cloud infrastructure for the german network for bioinformatics infrastructure de.NBI and in close collaboration with the ODCF a cluster for general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU).

Working groups

  • Network
  • Central Servers
  • Software Systems
  • Databases
  • Desktop Services
  • Compute Platforms


German Cancer Research Center
Core Facility Information Technology (ITCF)

Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
D-69120 Heidelberg

phone +49 6221 422371
fax +49 6221 422399

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