Optimization algorithms

Group leader: Dr. Mark Bangert


We work on the incorporation of physical and mathematical models into the treatment planning process for radiation therapy. Currently, we focus on three topics:

  • Machine learning and numerical optimization techniques for the quantification and minimization of uncertainties in radiation therapy
  • Data mining to infer predictive models for the outcome of radiation therapy
  • Incorporation of additional optimization parameters into automated radiation therapy planning

We are constantly looking for motivated individuals coming from a physics, math, and/or computer science background with a genuine interest in medical physics in radiation oncology. If you are interested to join our research group for your Bachelor, Master, and PhD thesis or for a postdoc position, do not hesitate and get in touch.

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© dkfz.de

  • Dr. Mark Bangert (Group leader)  → CV → Google citations
  • Hubert Gabrys (PhD student)
  • Lucas-Raphael Müller (Student assistant)
  • Guiseppe Pezzano (Master student)
  • Dr. Silke Ulrich (Postdoc)
  • Niklas Wahl (PhD student)
  • Hans-Peter Wieser (PhD student)

Selected publications

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