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Research Articles (Kutscher Lab members in bold)

10. Manz F, da Silva PBG, Schouw ME, Lukasch C, Bianchini L, Sieber L, Garcia-Lopez J, Ahmad ST, Li Y, Lin H, Joshi P, Spänig L, Radoš M, Roiuk M, Sepp M, Zuckermann M, Northcott PA, Patrizi A, Kutscher LM (2024) Loss of the Familial Dysautonomia gene Elp1 in cerebellar granule cell progenitors leads to ataxia in mice. [bioRxiv]

9. Joshi P*, Stelzer T*, Okonechnikov K*, Sarropoulos I, Sepp M, Leiss K, Rademacher A, Yamada-Saito T, Bortolomeazzi M, Mallm J-P, da Silva PBG, Statz B, Wittmann A, Schramm K, Blattner-Johnson M, Fiesel P, Jones B, Milde T, Pajtler K, van Tilburg CM, Witt O, Rippe K, Korshunov A, Jones DTW, Thongjuea S, Jäger N, Kaessmann H, Pfister SM§, Kutscher LM§ (2024) Gene regulatory network landscape of Group 3/4 medulloblastoma. [bioRxiv] *co-first authors, §co-senior authors

8. Okonechnikov K*, Joshi P*, Körber V*, Rademacher A, Bortolomeazzi M, Mallm J-P, da Silva PBG, Statz B, Wittmann A, Sepp M, Sarropoulos I, Yamada-Saito T, Vaillant J, Schramm K, Blattner-Johnson M, Fiesel P, Jones B, Milde T, Pajtler K, van Tilburg CM, Witt O, Schüller U, Mynarek M, Rutkowski S, Jones DTW, Rippe K, Korshunov A, Westermann F, Thongjuea S, Höfer T, Kaessmann H, Kutscher LM§, Pfister SM§ (2024) Medulloblastoma oncogene aberrations are not involved in tumor initiation, but essential for disease progression and therapy resistance. [bioRxiv] *co-first authors, §co-senior authors 

7. Sepp M, Leiss K, Murat F, Okonechnikov K, Joshi P, Leushkin E, Spänig L, Mbengue N, Schneider C, Schmidt J, Trost N, Schauer M, Khaitovich P, Lisgo S, Palkovits M, Giere P, Kutscher LM, Anders S, Cardoso-Moreira M, Sarropoulos I, Pfister SM, Kaessmann H. (2024) Cellular development and evolution of the mammalian cerebellum. Nature. 625(7996):788-796 [pubmed]

6. Okonechnikov K*, Joshi P*, Sepp M*, Leiss K*, Sarropoulos I, Murat F, Sill M, Beck P, Chan KC-H, Korshunov A, Sahm F, Deng MY, Sturm D, DeSisto J, Donson AM, Foreman NK, Green AL, Robinson G, Orr BA, Gao Q, Darrow E, Hadley JL, Northcott PA, Gojo J, Ryzhova M, Kawauchi D, Hovestadt V, Filbin MG, von Deimling A, Zuckermann M, Pajtler KW, Kool M, Jones DTW, Jäger N, Kutscher LM^, Kaessmann H^, Pfister SM^ (2023) Mapping pediatric brain tumors to their origins in the developing cerebellum. Neuro-Oncology 25(10):1895-1909 [pubmed] *equal contribution ^co-corresponding

5. Sarropoulos I*, Sepp M*, Frömel R, Leiss K, Trost N, Leushkin E, Okonechnikov K, Joshi P, Giere P, Kutscher LM, Cardoso-Moreira M, Pfister SM^, Kaessmann H^ (2021) Developmental and evolutionary dynamics of cis-regulatory elements in mouse cerebellar cells. Science 373(6558). [pubmed]

4. Kutscher LM*, Okonechnikov K*, Batora NV*, Clark J, Silva PBG, Vouri M, van Rijn S, Sieber L, Statz B, Gearhart MD, Shiraishi R, Mack N, Orr BA, Korshunov A, Gudenas BL, Smith KS, Mercier AL, Ayrault O, Hoshino M, Kool M, von Hoff K, Graf N, Fleischhack G, Bardwell VJ, Pfister SM, Northcott PA^, Kawauchi D^ (2020) Functional loss of a non-canonical BCOR-PRC1.1 complex accelerates SHH-driven medulloblastoma formation. Genes Dev 34:​1161–1176. [pubmed] *equal contribution

3. Kutscher LM, Keil W, Shaham S (2018) RAB-35 and ARF-6 GTPases Mediate Engulfment and Clearance Following Linker Cell-Type Death. Dev. Cell 47: 222–238.e6. [pubmed]

2. Keil W, Kutscher LM, Shaham S, Siggia ED (2017) Long-Term High-Resolution Imaging of Developing C. elegans Larvae with Microfluidics. Dev. Cell 40: 202–214. [pubmed]

1. Hannemann M, Sasidharan N, Hegermann J, Kutscher LM, Koenig S, Eimer S (2012) TBC-8, a putative RAB-2 GAP, regulates dense core vesicle maturation in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS Genet. 8: e1002722. [pubmed]

Reviews and Commentaries

5. Gilbertson RJ, Behjati S, Böttcher A-L, Bronner ME, Burridge M, Clausing H, Clifford H, Danaher T, Donovan LK, Drost J, Eggermont AMM, Emerson C, Flores MG, Hamerlik P, Jabado N, Jones A, Kaessmann H, Kleinman CL, Kool M, Kutscher LM, Lindberg G, Linnane E, Marioni JC, Maris JM, Monje M, Macaskill S, Niederer S, Northcott PA, Peeters E, Plieger-van Solkema W, Preußner L, Rios AC, Rippe K, Sandford P, Sgourakis NG, Shlien A, Smith P, Straathof K, Sullivan PJ, Suva ML, Talyor MD, Thompson E, Vento-Tormo R, Wainwright BJ, Wechsler-Reya RJ, Westermann F, Winslade S, Al-Lazikani B, Pfister SM (2024) The Virtual Child. Cancer Discov 14(4):663-668 [pubmed]

4. Schloo C and Kutscher LM (2023) Modeling brain and neural crest neoplasms with human pluripotent stem cells. Neuro-oncology [pubmed]

3. Okonechnikov K, Pfister SM, Kutscher LM (2019) Probing medulloblastoma initiation at the single-cell level. Trends Cancer 5(12):759-761. [pubmed]

2. Kutscher LM and Shaham S (2017) Non-apoptotic cell death in animal development. Cell Death Differ. 24: 1326–1336. [pubmed]

1. Kutscher LM and Shaham S (2014) Forward and reverse mutagenesis in C. elegans. WormBook: 1–26. [pubmed]


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