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Serolomics Lab

High-Throughput Serolomics Open Lab

sponsored by the Dieter Morszeck Stiftung

Establishment of a high-throughput multiplex serology workflow for COVID-19 and cancer

Lea Kröller
© DKFZ/Jung

Multiplex serology is a bead suspension-based array technology that enables the detection of antibody responses against up to 100 different antigens per reaction. However, the established manual workflow is limited in terms of the number of samples that can be processed.

To overcome this challenge, we are currently taking the multiplex serology workflow to the next level, by establishing a semi-automated high-throughput workflow. Using the KingFisher™ Flex for automated coupling and loading of magnetic Luminex beads, a Biomek i7 liquid-handling workstation, and a FLEXMAP 3D® for fast readout, we enable an efficient and automated multiplex serology workflow with improved performance characteristics. Signal detection is overseen by an online monitoring tool that tracks and reports crucial assay parameters.

In the near future, this will allow the high-throughput analysis of entire cohort studies comprising tens to hundreds of thousands of serum samples. Currently, our focus is on investigating SARS-CoV-2 infections and Long COVID, and the secondary prevention of infection-associated cancers.



© L. Kröller

Figure: Implementation of an automated multiplex serology workflow.


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