Research Lounge

Save the date for the next Research Lounge which will take place on

Thursday 5th September, 17.00


 **17:00 pm** in DKFZ IIC/ATV building, seminar room A0.106



Prof. Nina Papavasiliou, DKFZ, Heidelberg

Topic: Gender issues in science


SMALL GROUP            



WHO              Anyone who has an interest in this important topic

                                (Food and drinks will be provided!)


FLASH TALK SPEAKERS WANTED: do you have an experimental problem you'd like to share? Looking for someone with specific expertise, or willing to share yours? You only need to give a short (5 minute) talk - it's easy, see this example!

Contact us if you're interested:




Are you troubleshooting a protocol? Is the software you need for your project completely incomprehensible?Do you have a more general desire to discuss your research with others? The PDN is pleased to announce a NEW SEMINAR SERIES:


RESEARCH LOUNGE: Let’s talk science.


Intended for all DKFZ staff working in research, the Research Lounge is an opportunity to

  • discuss your unpolished project in an informal setting
  • to build your professional network
  • and to offer opportunities for collaboration.


WHY: because you need an external opinion or advice

HOW: the Research Lounge will be a relaxed, informal seminar divided into two parts:

1. FLASH TALKS: short presentations

2. NETWORKING: opportunities to meet other researchers with shared interests who you may not normally get the chance to talk to.


If you have a specific research problem, give a flash talk to a broad audience - not just to your division! A 5 minute flash talk is a 2 slide presentation consisting of a personal introduction, project background and your problem -  see this example. Other flash talks will include scientists with expertise in a specific analysis method giving a brief overview and offering their assistance, and core facilities giving overviews of their services.


Snacks and refreshments will be provided!



If you want to join the team to help out and have a knack for any or all of the following:

  • speaker and participant recruitment/marketing
  • organization
  • have some other great idea for the event,


then drop us an email:



The most important thing you can do is participate! By giving a flash talk or just by turning up, you’ll have done your part to help make the Research Lounge a success. And finally, don’t forget to spread the word: the more, the merrier!

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