Open Lab for single cell sequencing (scOpen Lab)


Single cell sequencing (sc-seq) technologies are evolving fast and become more and more important for many research groups at the DKFZ. To address this need, the DKFZ founded the single cell open lab (scOpenLab, cost center W192), which started operation in January 2018, with the generous support by DKFZ-HIPO ( providing funding for the scOpenLab staff. The lab is headed by Jan-Philipp Mallm ( and is located in the Bioquant in room 423 on the 4th floor. The scOpenLab offers assisted access to instrumentation for processing the cells and preparing the libraries for sequencing to all DKFZ groups. To do these experiments successfully there will be regular training sessions. After having received training the systems can be booked at the scOpenLab. The sequencing libraries prepared in the scOpen Lab need to be submitted to the High Throughput Sequencing Unit of the DKFZ Genomics and Proteiomics Core Facility for sequencing. While the staff costs are covered by DKFZ-HIPO, the consumables for the experiments have to be bought by the individual users.

Available sc-seq readouts

Currently, workflows for 3’-UMI single-cell RNA seq and T-cell receptor profiling with the 10x Genomics Chromium system ( as well as scRNA-seq on the Fluidigm C1 system ( are available. The portfolio of techniques and machines will be constantly updated and expanded in close interactions with the with the DKFZ groups of the sc-seq@dkfz network.

Training and additional information

The schedule for training session for scRNA-seq on the Chromium drop-seq system as well as additional infromation and protocols are provided on the external web page


Philipp Mallm

scOpen Lab (W192)

Bioquant Center, room 423

Im Neuenheimer Feld 267

69120 Heidelberg


Tel.: +49-6221-54-51321 
e-mail: scOpenLab (at)

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