Representing all PhD candidates of the Helmholtz Centers

Helmholtz Juniors was founded in 2005 as an initiative to represent the interests of all (about 8000 as of 2016) doctoral researchers working at each of the 18 centers in the Helmholtz Association, Germany’s largest non-university scientific organization. Our primary goals are fostering exchange between and networking, improving working conditions, and expanding opportunities for advanced training within the Helmholtz Association.

2019 Helmholtz Juniors meeting in Kiel

How are the HeJus structured?

Helmholtz Juniors as a whole is made up of at least two doctoral researchers (aka, representatives) from each Helmholtz center, who usually work with us for at least a year. At the DKFZ, Helmholtz Juniors representatives are usually two PhD council members, though we are currently working on including the two Helmholtz Juniors ‘positions’ in the elections for the PhD council!

Helmholtz Juniors aim to be a dynamic team and to be able to respond flexibly to the current needs and requirements of doctoral researchers within the Helmholtz Association. Each year we elect two spokespersons to represent Helmholtz Juniors within and outside the Helmholtz Association.

In 2017, Helmholtz Juniors joined forces with Max Planck PhDnet and Leibniz PhD Network to form a ‘network of networks’, or N2. This platform aims to address broad topics relevant to doctoral researchers and will be officially ‘kicked off’ in Berlin, during science week.

What are the HeJus doing for me?

Helmholtz Juniors as a whole meet twice a year: once at one of the Helmholtz centers in late winter, and once at the headquarters of the Helmholtz Association in Berlin in summer. These meetings give us the opportunity to discuss and exchange information, and to coordinate our work and new initiatives.

The majority of the work we do is split into a number of different working groups. We currently have four active working groups: working conditions, survey, events, and communication. Have a look at our website or blog for more information on what we do!

Whom to contact

If you have questions about working conditions, HeJu communications, this website or anything else related, shoot us an email!

At DKFZ (and also 2020 Helmholtz Juniors spokesperson):

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