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Get Translational Funding

Validation funding (aka translational funding) aim at the validation of research findings with the goal of translating these results into application such as new marketable drugs, diagnostics, medical devices, and services etc..

At the moment there are primarily two types of validation funding we support you with: VIP+ and The Helmholtz Validation Fund (HVF). We are happy to help with other types of validation and translational funding as well.

For example, BMBF target validation, different Helmholtz translational funding opportunities, BioPro funding database, other BW fundingIP Booster etc.

Some other funding available for validation and spinout formation:

  • Go-BIO – funds translational projects up to €2.5 million over 3 years.
  • HEF: Helmholtz Enterprise (€ 200,000 for one year);
    • required: 50% Co-funding of DKFZ
  • ZIM (Central Innovation Programm of medium sized companies):
    • ZIM-KOOP: cooperations of Firm & Research Institutes
    • ZIM-SOLO – funding of individual R&D projects of spin-off company
  • new Start-up BW Pre-Seed-funding - offers 50k€ to 400k€ for startups in an early stage


“Validation of the technological and social innovation potential of scientific research” aka VIP+ was launched by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 

  • There is no deadline for submission
  • The reviewing committee meets 3-4 times a year 
  • Maximum budget is € 1,5 million
  • Maximum duration is 3 years
  • The applications have to be in German
  • Submission is via the DKFZ Grants Office.

For more information, visit this page or download application guidelines (german only).


Helmholtz Validation Fund

The Helmholtz Validation Fund (HVF) is a cross-center financing instrument which draws on funding from the Initiative and Networking Fund. Its purpose is to close the gap between scientific discoveries on the one hand and marketable applications, public research, and private investment on the other. By narrowing this financing gulf, the HVF is bridging a gap between ideas and their practical application.  


  • Maximum budget is €2 million 
  • Maximum duration is 2 years
  • The funding has to be matched by DKFZ  (25% / 50% / 75%)
  • Submission via the Innovation Management.


Further information can be found at the following link: Flyer Helmholtz


Detailed information about the application procedure, current deadlines, and application forms can be found at the following link:


Applications for HVF projects will be accompanied by theInnovation Management.  Since the DKFZ must finance half of the application amount (subsidiarity principle of the HGF), applicants are requested to outline any contribution they themselves can make.

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