Research Group Diffusion-Tensor-Imaging

Group leader: Dr. Tristan Kuder

The research group Diffusion-Tensor-Imaging is concerned with the improvement of methods and techniques that aim at a measurement of water diffusion in in vivo tissue by magnetic resonance imaging. The measured diffusion reflects the underlying tissue structure and integrity and is clinically used for stroke diagnosis.

The aim of the research group in the Division of Medical Physics in Radiology is the development and validation of clinically applicable diffusion measurement methods using magnetic resonance imaging, e.g. for the detection of tumor infiltration. Projects are conducted in close collaboration with the Division of Radiology of the German Cancer Research Center.



Transversal colormap of a human brain. The colors red (left-right), green (anterior-posterior) and blue (cranio-caudal) represent the orientation of the diffusion tensor. The diffusion tensor is aligned parallel to the nerve tracts.


Nerve tracts of the human brain. The tracts are reconstructed from the diffusion tensor images.

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