Chemical Biology Core Facility

Chemical Biology Core Facility

Small molecule screening facility

Ligand docked into target protein

Ligand docked into target protein

Small inhibitory molecules are widely used as therapeutic agents, but they are also excellent “biotool” compounds for basic research. They are often used as experimental tools to address important biological questions via loss-of-function experiments. The aim of this core facility is to provide research groups with inhibitory molecules against their target of interest and enable them to answer essential questions in their research. The facility assists groups in the development of primary and secondary assays for screening against our in-house compound library and guides them through the process of identifying tool compounds for their specific target. It also offers computational chemistry services.

The Chemical Biology Core Facility is a collaboration between DKFZ, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg and Heidelberg University, and is located at EMBL. For further information on this service, please visit this site.

Medicinal chemistry support is usually required following a small molecule screen. Here, the research group “Cancer Drug Development” headed by Dr. Aubry Miller offers assistance on a collaborative basis.


Dr. Joe Lewis

Head of Chemical Biology Core Facility


Phone ++49 (0)6221 387- 8935

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