Other outreach activities


  • Internal Research Team Meetings

Research staff members of the Division of Health Economics are to attend monthly internal research meetings. The main objectives of these meetings are:

    • to provide individual staff members the opportunity to present a topic related to his/her background as it relates to the research conducted at the Division of Health Economics. These presentations serve two purposes:
      • to provide the opportunity of the presenter to rehearse and receive feedback and recommendations;
      • to enrich all research staff members through the sharing of knowledge afforded by a staff from various backgrounds and disciplines;
    • to discuss methods, results, and policy implications of the research topics in which each member of the team is currently working. These discussions serve two purposes:
      • to track the progress of various projects;
      • to provide team members with constructive feedback;
    • to present relevant publications, new methodologies and areas of research, and discuss how they support current work or how they may prompt new directions in research.

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