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Other activities

Internal Research Team Meetings

Research staff members of the Division of Health Economics are to attend monthly internal research meetings. The main objectives of these meetings are:

    • to provide individual staff members the opportunity to present a topic related to his/her background as it relates to the research conducted at the Division of Health Economics. These presentations serve two purposes:
      • to provide the opportunity of the presenter to rehearse and receive feedback and recommendations;
      • to enrich all research staff members through the sharing of knowledge afforded by a staff from various backgrounds and disciplines;
    • to discuss methods, results, and policy implications of the research topics in which each member of the team is currently working. These discussions serve two purposes:
      • to track the progress of various projects;
      • to provide team members with constructive feedback;
    • to present relevant publications, new methodologies and areas of research, and discuss how they support current work or how they may prompt new directions in research.

Complete List of Past Internal Research Team Meetings


Cost-effectiveness of risk adapted breast cancer screening in Germany
Presenter: Shah Khan
December 2022

The stage shift of colorectal cancers during COVID-19 pandemic and its long term consequences. A modelling study
Presenter: Min Lwin
November 2022

Modelling the natural history of prostate cancer
Presenter: Muchandifunga Muchadeyi
September 2022

Health economic evaluations alongside new clinical trial designs: Results of an international expert panel workshop
Presenter: Anett Molnar
August 2022

Adapted preferences and measurement invariance
Presenter: Jasper Ubels
July 2022

Microsimulation modelling of the natural history of prostate cancer: A German perspective
Presenter: Muchandifunga Muchadeyi
June 2022

Attributable inpatient costs of lung cancer in Germany: A claims data analysis
Presenter: Paula Dau
May 2022

The role of the budget impact: What do Health Technology Assessment (HTA) outcomes from GBA/IQWiG in Germany and NICE in England tell us?
Presenter: Ramon Schäfer
April 2022

Workshop on challenges in health economic evaluation of new clinical trial designs in personalized medicine
Presenter: Manuel Störzel
March 2022

The development of a quality appraisal tool
Presenter: Muchandifunga Muchadeyi
February 2022


Socioeconomic Impact of cancer: Terminology variations and European results
Presenter: Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte
December 2021

Update on the KID survey: Final results and conclusions
Presenter: Rachel Eckford
November 2021

Cost-effectiveness analysis of risk-based breast cancer screening in Germany: Results from the Discrete Event Simulation model
Presenter: Shah Kahn
October 2021

Developing a quality appraisal tool for reviewing primary studies on health state utility values.
Presenter: Muchandifunga Muchadeyi
September 2021

Health economic evaluation of artificial intelligence-based diagnostic and prognostic techniques in cancer care
Presenter: Anett Molnar
July 2021

The effect of framing on the sensitivity of the public's willingness-to-pay for medical treatments
Presenter: Jasper Ubels
May 2021

An overview of scale development process and socioeconomic impact model
Presenter: Duy Pham
April 2021

Exploring the impact of the "corona crisis" on cancer patients: Preliminary results of the KID survey
Presenter: Rachel Eckford
March 2021

Medication costs and prescription patters for treating lung cancer patients: Temporal and spatial variations in Germany
Presenter: Stefan Huber
February 2021

Out-of-pocket payments and loss of income among long-term breast cancer survivors in Germany: A multi-regional population-based study
Presenter: Jana Schneider
January 2021


Burden of pancreatic cancer in Europe
Presenter: Fabianne Wager
December 2020

Cost-effectiveness modelling of diagnostic and prognostic techniques in cancer
Presenter: Anett Molnar
October 2020

Approval, reimbursement and pricing of health technologies in Germany
Presenter: Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte
September 2020

Which criteria – additionally considering the budget impact – influence the results of official HTAs in Germany and England? A multivariate analysis
Presenter: Ramon Schäfer
July 2020

The "Rule of rescue" as an ethical guiding principle in the COVID-19 pandemic
Presenter: Julian März
June 2020

Lung cancer cost in Germany
Presenter: Diego Hernandez
May 2020

Standard unit costing in Germany
Presenter: Muchandifunga Muchadeyi
April 2020

Calibration using approximate Bayesian computation for a Discrete Event simulation model for the natural history of Colorectal cancer from the Adenoma and Serrated neoplasia pathways (DECAS)
Presenter: Chih-Yuan Cheng
March 2020

Cost-effectiveness of risk-based breast cancer screening strategies: A rapid review
Presenter: Shah Khan
February 2020


An economic evaluation of CAR T cell
Presenter: Muchandifunga Muchadeyi
December 2019

The skin classification project
Presenter: Anett Molnar 
November 2019

Research and development costs results of the literature review
Presenter: Karla Hernandez-Villafuerte
October 2019

Defining the value of medical interventions: Normative and empirical challenges
Presenter: Jasper Ubels
September 2019

Initial results: Financial toxicity, bibliometric analysis
Presenter: Leander Hirschberg
May 2019

Financial burden of breast cancer in Germany
Presenter: Shah Khan
April 2019

Retrospective cost analysis of lung cancer in Germany
Presenter: Pratyush Giri
March 2019

Financial toxicity affecting cancer patients and their families
Presenter: Jürgen Walter
February 2019


Inequalities in cancer incidence among German districts: The role of behavioural and socioeconomic factors
Presenter: Jana Mader
November 2018

Item response theory
Presenter: Jasper Ubels
October 2018

Breast cancer screening project
Presenter: Heinz Peter Schlemmer
July 2018 

Towards Social Cost Value Analysis (SCVA)
Presenter: Michael Schlander
March 2018

Cost-effectiveness on colorectal cancer screening strategy: A systematic review update
Presenter: Tao Ran
February 2018


Is oncology imaging (too) expensive?
Presenter: Jasper Ubels
December 2017

Standard unit cost Germany
Presenter: Heinz Peter Schlemmer
November 2017

Appraising the Appraisers: Do national HTA agencies (NICE, GBA/IQWiG) follow their official evaluation criteria
Presenter: Ramon Schäfer
October 2017

The German Health Care System
Presenter: Christian Thielscher
September 2017 

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