We welcome applications to the DKFZ Postdoc Fellowship Program and are happy to host postdoctoral fellows funded through the program or from external funding sources in our group.

PhD Students

Please take note that the German Cancer Research Center houses an international PhD Program with 36 fellowships granted annually. This PhD Program provides interdisciplinary training and research opportunities for University Graduates who wish to work towards a PhD in the field of Biology and Cancer Research.
We welcome applications to the DKFZ International PhD Program and are happy to host graduate students funded through the program in our group. PhD students with different funding sources will be able to take part in the international PhD program.
To start a PhD in our group, you must be invited to the DKFZ PhD program on-site selection, or have passed a similar academic selection process.

Lab Rotations, Internships, Bachelor & Master Theses

Our group is an associated laboratory of the MSc program “Molecular Biosciences”, Majors "Infectious Diseases" and "Cancer Biology" and of the program “Molecular Biotechnology”, both offered by the Faculty of Biosciences, University of Heidelberg.

If you are interested in a practical, lab rotation, student internship, a Bachelor or Master thesis in our lab, please contact Angelika Riemer by email, including your CV, your graded reports and the time, duration and purpose of your research interest in our lab.

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