Your donation for cancer research

Support cancer research with donations: Transfer your donation to the German Cancer Research Center using the online-donation form.

Important: Please note the information about the procedures.
Thank you so much for your support of cancer research!

Online donation

By filling out the form you can transfer your donation directly to us: either by credit card or by SEPA-direct debit procedure.

Your donation benefits Cancer Research directly without any deductions.


Please note the following:

If you have decided on ongoing online donations for cancer research (monthly or quarterly) we automatically provide an annual certificate of your donation. We will send it to you in March of the following year. Please contact us if this is not acceptable to you.

Your contact person

Alexandra Stumpf

If you have any questions concerning online donations please get in touch with us.

Alexandra Stumpf

Office of Development
Phone: + 49 6221 42-2656

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