PhD positions in health economics at the DKFZ

Are you interested in developing strategies to improve cancer care and prevention? At the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany's largest biomedical research institute, we offer excellent opportunities to explore the dynamics of the economics of cancer care. The recently established division of Health Economics at DKFZ aims to become the primary national point of reference for the cost of cancer and cost-effectiveness of interventions seeking to improve cancer related morbidity and mortality, as well as an important contributor to the further development of health economic evaluation methods. Research is founded on costing theory, decision analysis and econometric modeling.

Research activities are focused on:

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of intervention strategies in cancer care and prevention. For example, economics of colorectal cancer screening and breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Further development of health economic evaluation methods that more adequately capture social norms and preferences. For example, quantification of value of statistical life, measurement of health related social preferences, validation of multi-attribute utility instruments for cancer patients.
  • Estimation of the cancer related burden of disease from the perspectives of society as a whole, payers, patients and their families. For example, epidemiological and treatment cost burden of main prevalent cancer types, cost of cancer drug development, socioeconomic impact of cancer on patients and families.


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Please send your inquiries to Katrin Eike-Verfürth.

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