Executive Women’s Initiative

DKFZ Executive Women’s Initiative

Who we are

Members of the Executive Women's Initiative at the first Mildred Scheel Lectureship, with Prof. Dr. Lisa Coussens (Oregon Health Sciences University), Minister Theresia Bauer (Secretary of State for Science, Research and the Arts), and Irmtraud Gürkan (CFO of the University Hospital).
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The DKFZ Executive Women's Initiative was founded on 13/07/2011 by 31 women in leadership positions at the DKFZ. It is represented by a Steering Committee, whose members meet regularly in groups of varying composition. In addition, about four plenary meetings are held each year.

The Initiative’s aim is to increase awareness of the needs of women in leadership positions, to support young scientists in their careers, and to strengthen the participation of women in important processes at the DKFZ.

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