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The balance between work and life is facilitated by the flexibility at work. Among the flexibility measures there are:

Flexibility at work
Flexibility is an important measure to support work and life balance. DKFZ supports its employees with the possibility of having part-time, home office and virtual desktops.

Corporate Health Management
If you experience a stressful situation at work or difficulties to balance work and private life, the equal opportunities and diversity officer will support you in collaboration with the Corporate Health Management at DKFZ, offering a wide range of trainings and support.

Corporate Health Management at DKFZ

Household services in Heidelberg
Heidelberg offers you support when you are in need of daycare, care of seniors, pet sitting, or help in the house and garden. There are, in addition to fee-based family services, also websites offering services partially free of charge, for example:

The Heidelberg alliance for babysitter:
https//www.familie- heidelberg.de/familien/babysitterboerse/babysitter-in-heidelberg/

The website "Haushaltshelden" offers connections to cleaners, babysitters, nannies, pet care, garden help, private tutoring, senior care and technical help:


The website „Betreut.de" also offers daycare, private tutoring, senior care, pet care and domestic aid, but you can also offer your services in those fields to clients.

The Concierge Service of the University of Heidelberg offers household-related and technical services around the house and garden free of charge for all employees, scientists and guest scientists of the University of Heidelberg as well as for members of affiliated institutions which are partners of the program. This service is open to scientific and non-scientific members. The Concierge Service also accepts external orders against payment:

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