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PDN - The PostDoc Network of the DKFZ

The PostDoc Network (PDN) was formed to represent the PostDocs` interests and to achieve the best conditions for career perspectives and scientific output. Our main goals are to raise the visibility of PostDocs in and outside the DKFZ, to support career development and to increase social and scientific networking among PostDocs.


  • Visibility:
    • Our website and mailing list provide general information about the PDN and offer a platform for PostDocs to communicate with each other and to discuss issues important to them.
    • The quarterly Newsletter contains information about upcoming events and personal accounts of PostDoc experiences at DKFZ.


  • Career Development:
    • In collaboration with the DKFZ Advanced Training Center, the PDN organises seminars and workshops tailored for PostDocs` needs, as well as Career Days where invited speakers provide expert perspectives on how to pursue careers in industry, academia and elsewhere.
    • Alumni and current DKFZ researchers are invited to share their personal career paths. The participants are given ample time to join round table discussions and to network with invited guests.


  • Networking:
    • The annual Retreat aims to encourage scientific and social interactions between PostDocs, in order to improve the research and personal experience of scientists.

    • The monthly Lunch Talk Series was started by the PDN and the BioMed X Innovation Center to provide a platform for intellectual exchange between researchers working in diverse fields of life science research in Heidelberg.

    • The “Research Lounge – let’s talk science” encourages scientific collaboration and discussion within the DKFZ. At monthly Get-Together events PostDocs can get useful information about life in Heidelberg and work at the DKFZ.

Join the PDN

© PostDoc Network


Susi: „I joined the PDN Committee very soon after I started my postdoc at DKFZ in 09/2019 and became one of the PDN representatives. The PDN has helped my onboarding at DKFZ a lot and I quickly got to know and got in touch with all the different useful institutions here at DKFZ, like the Postdoc Office, Advanced Training, the Equality Office and the Career Service. I met other Postdocs at our Postdoc Retreat and on the Heidelberg Christmas market and not only made new friends this way, but this interaction also resulted in a new collaboration for my lab. Through the committee work it is more easy for me to approach people, and organizing seminars and even big events like the PDN Retreat has become easy for me."

Santiago: "When I started working at the DKFZ in 2018, I found out about the PDN in the website of the DKFZ. Then in 2020 I started actively working on the committee by editing and writing the PDN newsletter. Working in the PDN gives me the opportunity to meet new people and to increase my network, which is essential for our future career path. I also became more aware on how does DKFZ works as an institution and was able to further develop my abilities as project manager. At the personal level, I could make new friends and find the support I needed to be able to perform a postdoc at this institution. So to summarize, it was and still is an enriching experience to be part of the PDN"

We are always looking for new enthusiastic PDN committee members!

Join the PDN committee today by subscribing to the PDN committee mailing list by emailing to and by attending the fortnightly committee meetings.

  • Improve communication and spread information between PostDocs.
  • Participate in the organization of events and seminars.
  • Take over responsibilities to promote the PostDoc Network.
  • Welcome the newcomers by providing them with relevant information concerning their work at the DKFZ and their life in Heidelberg.
  • Share and discuss career-related issues.
  • Provide and share information concerning grant applications and funding opportunities.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with PostDoc news and events, please subscribe to the PostDoc Network mailing list ( by emailing to

Don't miss out!

PDN Committee 2019

PDN Committee
© PostDoc Network

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