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International family day

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DKFZ-NCT with Kids running team at the annual benefit NCT run
Since 2017, a running team has been organized to bring together employees of the DKFZ and the NCT who participate with their children in the annual NCT run. Parents can participate with their kids in the stroller or on the run bike! Additionally, children can design their own logo to add to their T-shirt! A fun activity to get to know each other and have fun with the children!

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Flea market for children’s items

Since 2017, a flea market for children's items has annually been organized at the DKFZ. This activity is meant to promote networking and information exchange between DKFZ families to enhance the work-life balance.
Every year the flea market hosts also the exhibition of projects organized by the Bündnis für Familie Heidelberg.

The flea market takes place in the foyer of the communication center, hosting every year 33 stands with items for children (clothes, toys, books...). Stands are assigned only to DKFZ employees.
The DKFZ flea market for children's items is advertised with flyers in children's schools, playgrounds, shops and on facebook page of our collaboration partner Bündnis für Familie Heidelberg.


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International Girls’ and Boys’ day

The deputy for equal opportunities welcomes at the DKFZ girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 13 years taking part in the Girls' and Boys' day. Every year, the girls and boys are welcomed by the deputy equal opportunities and diversity officer, Dr. Carol Bacchus-Wermke.

The program at the DKFZ includes the visit of different departments at the DKFZ!


We regularly participate in the following meetings:

DKFZ PhD retreat
DKFZ Postdoc retreat
Postdoc get together
Secretrary network annual meeting

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