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From 2020 on all alumni activities will be continued within the DKFZ Career Service & Alumni Relations (Department of Human Resources). The DKFZ Alumni Association will be closed within few months. For details on alumni activities, please have a look in the document.

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DKFZ Alumni events and initiatives support long-lasting personal and scientific relationships between present and former members of our center and to maintain the exchange of ideas and experiences in this ever growing world-wide community at the national and international level.

Alumni activities include:

  • e-Newsletters
  • an Alumni e-mail forwarding address for members
  • scientific meetings at the DKFZ and abroad
  • supportive social and cultural activities for visiting scientists and members of the DKFZ

DKFZ Connect platform

DKFZ Connect is the online platform for all current and former DKFZ employees. You can join per private email or sync with your LinkedIn profile in just 2 minutes:

DKFZ Connect provides jobs, photos, updates, events, mentoring and much more

For more information, email us.

DKFZ Alumni Network on LinkedIn

You may also be interested in joining the DKFZ Career Network Group for all current and former DKFZ researchers. You will find links to our DKFZ-connect platform, job offers, and networking opportunities.
To get started, we recommend the Job Hunting Handbook (also available in German).  You can enhance your skills with LinkedIn learning and find thousands of job offers.

Did you know that from now on DKFZ students, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers can list DKFZ Education as well as Employer? By listing DKFZ under Education, you will be able to view Alumni statistics on the DKFZ LinkedIn Page.

DKFZ Alumni Association

For more information about the DKFZ Alumni Association, please follow the links below.

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