Division of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology

PhD Funding Opportunities

Our research is focused on:

- image guided radiotherapy with a focus to MR guidance

- novel optimization algorithms for treatment planning

- advanced dosimetry and quality assurance solutions

- radiobiological investigations of ion beams


Detailed  information can be found on the webpages of the research groups!

Funded / Collaboration Projects

Current projects

Former project:

  • Project: "High-LET ion beams in the treatment of radioresistant tumors: Impact of beam quality, tumor grading, hypoxic status and tumor volume on radiation response"
    Prof. Dr. Christian Karger (funded from 01/2017 - 03/2020 by: German Research Foundation/Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

  • Project: "Quantifizierung der biologischen Wirkung von Protonen, Helium‐ und Sauerstoffionen im Rückenmark für die Optimierung der Patientenbehandlung"
    Prof. Dr. Christian Karger (funded from 12/2014 - 11/2017 (three years) by: German Cancer Aid/Deutsche Krebshilfe)

  • Project: "Metrology for MR guided Radiotherapy", https://mrgrtmetrology.com/
    Prof. Dr. Christian Karger (2016 - 2019, EMPIR)
    • Project C01: Adaptive Photon Therapy in the Treatment of Lung and Liver Tumours
    • Project C02: Biological and Time Adaptive Therapy of Pancreatic Carcinoma
  • Project: "MR guided Proton Therapy"
    Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel (2017 - 2018, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD))

  • Project: "SPARTA" (Softwareplattform für die Adaptive Multimodale Radio- und Partikeltherapie mit Autarker Erweiterbarkeit)
    Involved groups: E0401, E0402, E0403, E076, SIDT (Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FMER))

  • Project: "Analytical probabilistic modeling for radiation therapy planning"
    Involved groups: E0404 (German Research Foundation (DFG))

  • Project: "Low-intensity Therapeutical Ultrasound (LiFu)"

Publications & Awards

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