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Every 2nd Thursday the Alumni Digest is send to DKFZ Alumni who registered on DKFZ Connect to keep you updated about the DKFZ. With short stories, a newsflash, featured jobs and information about upcoming events we stay in touch with former DKFZ employees. 

If you are interested in receiving the Alumni Digest, please sign in on DKFZ Connect. Please make sure, that your affiliation is set correctly as "DKFZ Alumn".

You have not heard of DKFZ Connect? It is the online platform for current on former DKFZ employees. It provides jobs, photos, updates, events, mentoring and much more. For more information on DKFZ Connect please visit the FAQ-section.


Alumni e-Newsletter Archive

This email-newsletter was replaced by Alumni digest (above). An archive of past e-newsletters can be found here.



Alumni Magazine Archive


An archive of the Alumni Magazine, that was distributed by the Alumni Association for many years, can be found here.

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