What exactly is a parent-child-office?


The idea of a parent-child-room developed already in 2006 and was implemented soon afterwards (room H2.00.076). The primary goal was to provide a place for pregnant women to relax and for mothers with babies to retreat and breast feed. The room was furnished appropriately: a diaper changing table, an easy chair for breast feeding, a microwave, a heater for baby bottles, and a water boiler.

In the course of time it became obvious that the users’ needs were not limited to the originally defined purpose. That is why the parent-child-room can also be used now as a parent-child office since 2009. To balance the requirements of career and family, a newly installed telephone (number: 2511), a computer with internet and intranet access, as well as a crib is at your disposal.

In general, the room (H2.00.76) is available to all employees (pregnant women, breast feeding women, and mothers and fathers).The parent-child-office offers a favorable work environment for all those who want to pursue office work (PC work, desk work) or need a room for child care close to their work place.

This way, parents are offered assistance in emergency cases (e. g. when the nanny is sick, children are out of school, kindergarten is closed, etc.) and are able to bring their children along to work. Basically, the room serves to bridge a short-term gap in day care. It is suitable for makeshift but is not an alternative for regular day care.

In addition, we offer the following possibility: To ascertain an undisturbed privacy while breast feeding, or the use of the room as office in emergency cases, you can book the parent-child-office via the Intranet. The room will then be reserved for you by the Equal Opportunities Representative’s office. In case there is a shortage of chairs, the porter will be happy to help you.


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