Major Research Fields

Our interdisciplinary research is based on observational epidemiological studies as well as randomized clinical trials with cancer patients.

Strength training
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Our research focus lies on:

  1. Epidemiologic research on PA in primary and tertiary prevention for various cancer sites as part of the German National Cohort study (GNC)
  2. Clinical studies to measure the effects of physical activity and sports in cancer patients
  3. Studies on the effect of physical activity on biological mechanism
  4. Methodological research on exposure assessment and validation methods of physical activity in everyday life
  5. Development of health promoting strategies aiming to increase physical activity within the entire population (primary and tertiary prevention)


An overview of the studies and their classification into our research areas of is shown in the following graphic.

In the list below you can find details on the studies.

Exercise for breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy

PIC – Study
Prevention of Chemotherapy-Related Polyneuropathy via Sensorimotor Exercise
Training – Study

Physical Exercise Program in Lung Cancer Patients with non-operable disease undergoing Curative and Palliative Treatment


MOMENTUM Projekt Heidelberg
Social cognitions and norms towards physical exercise among cancer patients and health care professionals

BEATE – Study
(recruitment closed)
Physical Activity and Progressive Muscle Relaxation as Adjuvant Treatment against Cancer-related Fatigue

BEST – Study (recruitment closed)
Progressive Resistance Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation during Radiotherapy as Adjuvant Treatment against Cancer-related Fatigue

MARIE – Study (recruitment closed)
Identify potential risk factors for the development of breast cancer after menopause

Reduction of Cancer Related Fatigue in Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma

Epidemiological Program - Physical Activity and Cancer

German National Cohort / German National Health Study
Aim is to investigate the causes underlying major chronic diseases and their pre-clinical stages or functional health impairments

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