Major Research Fields

Our interdisciplinary research is based on observational epidemiological studies, randomized clinical trials with cancer patients as well as large-scale surveys.

Strength training
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Our research focus lies on:

  1. Clinical studies to investigate the effects of exercise interventions in cancer patients
  2. Patterns, pathophysiology, and treatment of selected burdensome quality of life-related outcomes
  3. Methodological research on exposure and outcome assessment and validation methods 
  4. Epidemiologic research on physical activity and exercise in primary and tertiary prevention for various cancer sites, also as part of the German National Cohort study (GNC)
  5. Dissemination and promotion of PA and, for cancer patients, other effective supportive therapies towards standard care

An overview of the studies and their classification into our research areas are shown in the following figure.

Further details on the studies are provided after the figure.

Studies with completed recruitment and ongoing research

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