Donations instead of gifts

Donations instead of gifts

Donations fpr cancer research instead of gifts

© Dagmar Anders/DKFZ

Before birthdays or Christmas – every year the question comes up: What should I choose as gifts? It's not always easy to find that "meaningful" something. We'd like to offer a suggestion: Choose a donation! By donating to cancer research you will help to support and further improve the treatment options for cancer patients.

Donation account
Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN: DE98 6725 0020 0005 0000 50

You can also send your donation for cancer research directly by using the online donation form.

Your contact person

Alexandra Stumpf

Private Funding
Phone: + 49 6221 42-2656

If you are planning a donation to cancer research in place of gifts please get in touch with us. We will be happy to report on your initiative in our donor gallery, our newsletter or on facebook!

Setting a good example – enterprise initiatives for cancer research

Donations instead of gifts

© PVS Südwest GmbH

"Donations instead of gifts" was the motto of the PVS Südwest GmbH in November 2013 and again in 2015.
Instead of giving presents to customers during the Christmas season, the company made a donation for a good cause. The German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg once again received the sum of 2,000 euro.
Photo: Peter Gabriel, Executive Director, PVS Südwest GmbH, Mannheim.

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