Our division organizes together with the Junior Research Groups 'Precision Sarcoma Research' (P. Chudasama) and 'Soft-Tissue Sarcoma' (A. Banito) the SARCOMABIOLOGY@DKFZ initiative, which is an open forum for monthly scientific session and project discussions.

We meet either in person or virtually on a regular basis every first Tuesday a month at 17:00 to discuss research in progress followed by a social get-together. Our topics relate to all aspects of sarcoma biology ranging from fundamental over translational to (pre)clinical sarcoma research.

For registration please contact Thomas Grünewald

The SARCOMABIOLOGY@DKFZ initiative takes also part in the European EuSARC consortium 'The biology of sarcomas – from basic mechanisms to innovative therapies', which is co-organized by our division.

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