MSc/ Diploma positions

We are always seeking qualified and highly motivated candidates with a background in molecular biology or related fields to join our lab. We have currently open positions for the following related projects:

1. Molecular and functional characterisation of the spindle position checkpoint in budding yeast

2. Regulation of Cytokinesis

3. Ciliogenesis

4. Systems Biology of Mitosis (Thesis in collaboration between the Jena Centre for Bioinformatics (JCB) and our lab. For details about current topics click here.

PhD positions

1. The German Cancer Research Center has an international PhD Program with 30 fellowships granted annually. Interested candidates may contact the group leader for further information. The program provides interdisciplinary training and research opportunities in the field of Biology and Cancer Research.
For details about the application visit Helmholtz International Graduate School for Cancer Research at DKFZ

2. The Hartmut Hoffmann-Berling International Graduate School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Post-doc positions

Currently there are no open post-doc positions available.

Still, you are welcome to apply through Dkfz post-doc announcements


P.S.1 Please not that for all above positions you are required to send via an e-mail only the following:

1. Short vitae
2. Your qualifications
3. Your publications
4. Short text (100 words) describing your motivation for applying

Dr. Gislene Pereira

For current joint Diploma/MSc thesis with JCB, you can contact:

Dr. Peter Dittrich FSU Jena
Dr. Bashar Ibrahim (DKFZ)


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