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Data Protection Consent

Data Protection Consent



Your application can only be processed with the signed Data Protection Consent!

Therefore, please attach a copy of the signed consent form along with your other application documents.

Student Research Projects, Master Theses, and PhD Dissertations

Are you interested in our research and would like to carry out a student research project, bachelor, master, or diploma thesis? Or would you like to write your PhD thesis in our division? We have changing funding and open positions. Thus, we are unable to maintain an updated list here.

Please send us an e-mail with your application. Please include a single pdf file containing the following:

  • A motivational letter describing why you want to work at MIC or on a specific project and how your experience/education relates to this project
  • A CV (limit two pages) including an overview of your programming skills
  • A recent overview of grades from your studies, include final grades if possible
  • A copy of your school graduation certificate
  • Letters of references (if any)

DKFZ PhD-Program

The Group Medical Image Computing is currently looking for PhD students in the selection of DKFZ's graduate school.  

For details please go to this link.


The Helmholtz Information & Data Science School for Health is currently looking for PhD students.

For details please go to this link.

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