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Head of Group

Prof. Dr. Ursula Klingmüller

Team Leaders

Dr. Barbara Helm
Clinical Proteomics



Dr. Marcel Schilling

Dr. Marcel Schilling
Integrative Mathematical Modelling




Dr. med. Kyra Fischer

Dr. med. Kyra Fischer


+49 6221 42 4492

Dr. Sebastian Burbano De Lara Carrillo



Dr. Dario Frey



Dr. Philipp Kastl



Dr. Agustin Rodriguez

Dr. Agustin Rodriguez



Dr. Piotr Zadora

Dr. Piotr Zadora



Dr. Annalisa Addante



PhD Students

Yomn Abdullah

Simone Clas

Elisa Holstein



Till Möcklinghoff

Till Möcklinghoff

Christina Mölders

Herny Unger


Sandra Bonefas



Katharina Büchner

Yannik Dieter



Franziska Gödtel




Lisa Haberl

Bachelor-, Masterstudents and Student Assistants

Lorin Göbner

Katerina Sulková

Cong Quan Ta

Florian Tichawa

Khanh Linh Trinh

Yueyang Xie

Eva Flören

Miriam Erles

Former Members

Alexander Held

Susen Lippmann

Matthias Villunger

Dr. Ina Biermayer

Dr. Michael Plank

Viktor Makarenko

Paulina Frolovaite

Xiaomeng Li

Melissa Teusel

Pauline Hansen

Dr. Lorenza Alice D'Alessandro

Li Lai

Lena Postawa

Dr. Magdalena Szczygiel

Dr. Irina Titkova

Svenja Feiler

Barbara Betz

Dr. Artyom Vlsasov

Katja Naujokat

Marie Buck-Wiese

Jonas Metz

Simon Heming

Luisa Schwarzmüller

Raffael Schlüter

Tobias Tix

Silvana Tyufekchieva

Anastasia Smolinsky

Dimitri Lindijer

Larissa van Ek

Tobias Tix

Xizhe Wang

Livia Burger

Anja Zeilfelder

Marvin Wäsch

Dr. Florian Salopiata

Dr. Dmytro Dvornikov

Julia Foyer

Karolin Dehlke

Dr. Claire Barbieux

Dr. Frédérique Kok

Dr. Martin Böhm

Tamar Nizharadze

Christina Wensky

Dr. Angela Oppelt

Dr. Sajib Chakraborty

Dr. Sajib Chakraborty

Dr. Xiaoyun Huang

Dr. Xiaoyun Huang

Markus Stepath

Dr. Julie Bachmann

Dr. Verena Becker

Dr. Sebastian Bohl

Dr. Svantje Braun

Dr. Elea Conrad

Dr. Sofia Depner

Dr. Franziska Herrmann

Dr. Nao Iwamoto

Dr. Alexandra Kienast

Dr. Philippe Lucarelli

Dr. Ruth Merkle

Dr. René Meyer

Dr. Stephanie Müller

Dr. Andrea Pfeifer

Dr. Katharina Robichon

Dr. Annette Schneider

Dr. Bin She

Dr. Raia Valentina

Dr. Marie Wagner

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