Possible analyzes

By default, we process the following samples:

  • Blood (EDTA, Heparin)
  • Serum tubes
  • Tumor tissue


What can be done with which samples?

Sample material: Blood, EDTA
Possible Analyzes: DNA-Isolation, RNA-Isolation, TCR-Sequencing, HLA-Typing

Sample material: Blood, Heparin
Possible Analyzes: FACS, ELISpot

Sample material: Serum
Possible Analyzes: Luminex, ELISA

Sample material: Plasma
Possible Analyzes: Luminex

Sample material: Tumor tissue
Possible Analyzes: Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, DNA-Isolation, TCR-Sequencing

Required minimum quantity of samples:

Here you can get an overview of how much sample material we need at least in order to successfully carry out analyzes. This overview should help you to plan the sampling in your study better. Of course, we are happy to advise you individually.

Calculation basis:
9ml blood (1 tube). Per 1ml blood 1x106 PBMCs can be generated normally.
Per tube approx. 0.9 – 1x107 PBMCs can be harvested.

ELISpot (4 groups per time point, triplicates):

Cell amount: 1.5x107
Blood volume: 30ml (Heparin)

Cell amount: 4.5x107
Blood volume: 60ml (Heparin)

FACS (up to eight colors per panel):

Per well: 3x105 PBMCs
2 panel: 1.5x106 PBMCs (= 1 blood tube)

Luminex (27 Cytokines/Chemokines per sample):

1 serum tube (approx. 7ml Heparin blood)


1 serum tube (approx. 7ml Heparin blood)


5ml EDTA blood


2 PAXgene® tubes (4ml blood)

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