Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopy (EM) in live science allows to demonstrate cellular detail down to macromolecular resolution. Intrinsically, such high performance is difficult to obtain, the revelation of subtle ultrastructure claiming elaborate operational skills, full instrumental power and strong personal commitment.

The Core Facility EM is dedicated to serve researchers of the DKFZ to perform experiments which use transmission electron microscopy. Our aim is to develop the potential of EM at the DKFZ to face upcoming needs in the localization of molecular activities to cellular fine structure. We offer full service and guided access in EM-preparation and -imaging, including conventional Epon-applications, low-temperature embedding (high-pressure freezing & freeze-substitution), modern labeling approaches ('Tokuyashu' immuno-EM, correlative light- and electron microscopy) and particle-EM (negative staining, rotary shadowing).


Dr. Karsten Richter
room H1.03.016
tel.: 06221-424519

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