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BioContact e.V. is an association founded and run by PhD students and Postdocs from various institutes in Heidelberg (e.g. DKFZ, EMBL, MPIs). Our main goal is the organization of an annual life science job fair called “CONTACT”. Additionally we invite several companies throughout the year to so-called “IN CONTACT WITH” presentations, where companies have the opportunity to present themselves as an attractive employer. These events are aimed to present different working models in the life science industry, such as big companies like Roche or Bayer, as well as exciting and newly established startups, to a new generation of young scientists.

© BioContact

Through internal workshops, other social activities and meetings, we offer further useful training to prepare us and others for the prospective job market. If you are interested in joining BioContact e.V. or would like to find more information about our organization, projects or upcoming career seminars, please visit our website.

The next job fair CONTACT2019 will take place on May 15th, 2019 in the Communication Center of the DKFZ Heidelberg.

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