DKFZ laboratory building for Genomic Sciences (Im Neuenheimer Feld 580).


From Frankfurt Airport: 

The best way to get to Heidelberg is by using the trains running from the 'long-distance' station of the airport. During the day, there is a train that departs at 53 minutes after each hour. You need to step off this train in Mannheim (next station; the trip takes about 35 minutes) and change to the "S-Bahn" system or other local trains that run between Mannheim and Heidelberg (a 12-minute ride). However, there are other connections, too, and few trains even go from Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg directly. You will arrive at the main station ("Hauptbahnhof") in Heidelberg. For further details on how to proceed from there, refer to the description below.


From Heidelberg Main Train Station:

Coming from the platforms, walk straight through the main hall to find the tram stop. For information on Heidelberg, leave the station hall through the exits on your right, where there is an information boot (separate small building right in front of the station). There, you will also find taxis. When using the tram, take the trams no. 21 or 24 towards "Handschuhsheim". When you look at the tram stop from the train station, the trams will travel to the left on the far rail. There is a tram every 5 to 10 minutes during the day, and fewer at later hours. Be aware that you have to buy a ticket prior to boarding the tram; there are ticket dispensing machines at the stop. Leave the tram at the fourth stop, called "Technologiepark". The journey takes some 7 minutes. From this stop, you will already see our building (see figure). To get there, follow the main road. Once you walked passed our building, there is a path to the left leading you around the building to the main entrance. We are located on the 4th floor. Turn left, when you leave the lift. The secretariat can be found in room 4.103.


By Car:

Leave motorway A5 at exit "Heidelberger Kreuz". In Heidelberg follow the signs "DKFZ" and/or "Neuenheimer Feld" (first left, first right, follow the main road, which turns slightly left to pass under the bridge; turn right directly behind the bridge to get onto the bridge). Once you will have crossed the river Neckar, do not turn left as indicated, but carry on straight. In the distance, you can already see our building right in front of you (see figure). At the third traffic light behind the bridge, turn left (two lanes for left turning traffic). Directly at the next crossing (some 80 meters) turn right into a small road. On your left there will be several grey buildings numbered in big letters 500 to 504. At the next crossing (120 meters) turn right and immediately left again. You will find yourself right in front of our building. There are a few parking lots available. The main entrance is on the left side of the building. We are located on the 4th floor. Turn left, when you leave the lift. The secretariat can be found in room 4.103.

Route and Area Maps


Aerial View of the Campus


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