MR-guided RadioTherapy (MRgRT)

Group leader: Dr. Asja Pfaffenberger (until 2019), Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel (since 2020)

Research Focus

Our research focus is on guiding radiation therapy (RT) by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

MRI has excellent capabilities of imaging soft tissues or even acquiring physiological data which makes MRI highly valuable in radiation treatment planning. First integrated systems exist that allow MR imaging during radiation delivery.

Images from the clinical study on MR-guided radiation therapy. It is seen that soft tissue can be differentiated much better in the T2-weighted MR image (right) than in the treatment planning CT image (TPCT) or in the image from the cone-beam CT unit integrated in the radiation device (CBCT).

Dosimetry in magnetic fields

C.K. Spindeldreier, DGMP 2016

In hybrid MRgRT devices that combine an magnetic resonance scanner with an irradiation device, a magnetic field is present during the time of radiation delivery. Therefore, secondary electrons get deflected by the Lorentz force. We investigate the effect on different radiation detectors due to this deflection by means of measurements and Monte-Carlo radiation transport simulations.

Dose deposition in magnetic fields and treatment planning for hybrid MRgRT devices

O. Schrenk, DGMP 2016

The Lorentz force deflection of the secondary electrons leads to an alteration in dose deposition in the patient. We work on treatment planning in this situation.

Other Projects

Clinical Study on shuttle-based MR-guided radiation therapy

We contribute to a clinical study on MRgRT. Find information here (press release) and in the paper with the study protocol. This is a collaboration with the divisions of Radiology, Medical Physics in Radiology, Clinical Cooperation Unit Radiation Oncology, and other research groups of our division.


MR-guided adaptive treatment planning

Adapting the treatment plan to the changes we observe in the MR images is another field of our research interest.


Using MR-based motion information

We investigate ways to optimally use time-resolved MR image data (cine MRI, "4DMRI") for radiation treatment planning and delivery.


Workshop and Symposium on MRgRT

The past event Workshop for Early Career Investigators (DFG Nachwuchsakademie) and Symposium on MR-guided radiotherapy can be found here.


Former Work on Dose Calculation in a Magnetic Field

This PhD thesis gives you information about our former work on dose calculation in magnetic fields.

Vacancies & Final Term Projects

You can contact us any time if you are interested in working with us. Our department also regularly offers projects within the DKFZ International PhD Program.

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