Examination procedure

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After having registered at our front desk either in the DKFZ main building or in our NCT imaging facility, our friendly staff will accompany you to the examination unit.

  1. First, you will be completely informed by our radiologists. The information sheet you will have received will be explained to you, and we will answer all questions you have. If necessary, a flexible cannula for contrast agent administration will be placed into a vein inside a dedicated cubicle.
  2. You will be placed on the examination couch of either the CT or MRI scanner (like on the picture which shows a 3 Tesla MRI scanner). Depending on the organ and the condition to be examined, a dedicated examination protocol will be defined.
  3. Our technicians have a workplace that is equipped with a CCTV monitoring and an acoustic intercom, so they can constantly see their patients, give them breathing commands, speak to them, and answer any questions they may have.
  4. When the examination is complete and the images have been generated, the study is carefully read by our radiologists. All images are also seen by the supervising radiologist in charge (four-eyes principle), who will also cross-read and approve the imaging report, to achieve a high quality of reading and reporting.

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