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DKTK RadPlanBio Platform

© lo la design

RadPlanBio Platform

Investigating and validating potential prognostic factors is central in cancer research to reach optimal treatment strategies. Clinical and pre-clinical trials are the procedures to establish datasets for the prediction and inference of these factors and strategies. They are integral in establishing clinical pathway that can eventually be applied in patient care. To run proper clinical and pre-clinical trials, a correct and standardized data management and processing procedures are required for the validity of the analysis outcome. RadPlanBio was developed to meet this data requirement.

RadPlanBio is a large-scale, systematic and sustainable IT platform that allows a powerful large-scale multicentric data sampling, enabling analysis and quality assurance, both within DKTK and beyond. It establishes an integrated pre-clinical and clinical dose-space-time resoluted database platform for translational research in radiation oncology. RadPlanBio is a crucial pre-condition for the successful co-operation between the individual centers in all DKTK Radiation Oncology projects.


RadPlanBio Architecture

Architecturally, RadPlanBio is an application suite that integrates multiple roles in hypothesis-based clinical trial design. Support of clinical study includes:

  • Capture of clinical variables
  • Validated and monitored electronic case report forms
  • Investigators' access of clinical data
  • Compliance to clinical trial standard schema i.e. CDISC ODM
  • Pseudonymization/anonymization of patient identity
  • Management of case data, DICOM imaging and series of laboratory tabular data

© W. Hadiwikarta

Preclinical Study Management

Being one of the two operating sites of RadPlanBio in Germany (another is OncoRay, Dresden), our division is committed to further development of the platform, to extend support for preclinical study management and the application of semantic web technology to build a solid knowledge management system.

Conceptual design of the RPB preclinical study management coupled to semantic web technology for knowledge base.
© W. Hadiwikarta

Selected Publications

  1. Skripcak T., Belka C., Bosch W., Brink C., Brunner T., Budach V., Büttner D., Debus J., Dekker A., Graui C., Gulliford S., Hurkmans C., Just U., Krause M., Lambin P., Langendijk J.A., Lewensohn R., Lühr A., Maingon P., Masucci M., Niyazi M., Poortmans P., Simon M., Schmidberger H., Spezi E., Stuschke M., Valentini V., Verheij M., Whitfield G., Zackrisson B., Zips D., Baumann M., Creating a data exchange strategy for radiotherapy research: Towards federated databases and anonymised public datasets. Radiotherapy & Oncology (the green journal), 2014.
  2. Skripcak T, Just U, Simon M, Büttner D, Lühr Armin, Baumann M, Krause M. Toward Distributed Conduction of Large-Scale Studies in Radiation Therapy and Oncology: Open-Source System Integration Approach. IEEE J Biomed Health. 2015.
  3. Hadiwikarta W., Ebert N., Roscher M., Kurth I., Baumann M., Knowledge Management System in Preclinical Radiooncology / Radiobiology Research, - ISWC 2020 Posters, Demos, and Industry Tracks, 237-242, 2020.
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